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ESG report 2020

Personnel policy

Bank Millennium Group has personnel policy, which defines general principles involved with recruitment, evaluation, development and retention of staff.

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Based on this Policy as well as business assumptions the Bank has created the Human Resources Management strategy. The strategy regulates all areas of human resources management, including employment and remuneration. 

Personnel policy and the HR Management strategy based on it, support business needs of Bank Millennium Group. In 2020, due to the COVID19 pandemic, a special issue was ensuring the safety of employees and adapting the bank to the requirements of remote work. 

Already at the start of the pandemic, the Bank’s Management Board appointed a special committee whose task was to monitor the safety of employees in terms of epidemiology, monitor the pandemic situation in the country and the regulations of competent authorities, make decisions on procedures ensuring epidemiological safety at the Bank and assess the impact of the pandemic on the functioning of business areas. 

An extensive communication campaign has been undertaken to prevent infections. Employees were regularly informed about the applicable security procedures, available protection measures and proceedings in the event of an infection. The obligation to keep distance was implemented, business trips were suspended, rules for the use of masks were defined, and each case of infection was monitored. Protection measures have also been introduced: disinfecting liquids, protecting glass covers for employees and protective masks. 

The organization of work has also been changed. The bank enabled employees to work remotely. To prevent contamination, employees worked on a rotational basis for most of the year, 1 week in the office, 2 weeks at home. 

A very big challenge for the bank was the reorganization of the training system and the transition from stationary trainings only to e-learnings and remote trainings. With great effort, the most important training programs were adapted to the remote training requirements. As a result, effective introductory trainings for branch employees were provided, training courses for the Prestige segment were continued and a development program for corporate banking employees was implemented. Managerial training courses were conducted for managers of retail branches. The training program also covers the issues of remote work, communication and cooperation in dispersed teams. 

The Bank Millennium Group notices and rewards employees' attitudes leading to an increase in the quality of work, as well as process optimization, efficiency and taking up professional challenges. In 2020, the Impakt employee awards program was continued, under which the Group’s employees propose candidates for the award themselves. 

The Millennium Campus program was also continued remotely. The selection of topics was aimed at supporting employees in a pandemic situation and focused on the organization of remote work, counteracting isolation and burnout, medical problems related to COVID19 and the impact of the pandemic on the economy. 

For years, the Bank Millennium Group has based its development on IT technologies. They are the basis for the progressive digitalisation of customers through the development of remote customer service systems – electronic and mobile banking. Although in 2020 the Bank Millennium Group slightly reduced employment in the area of digital technologies, this was only due to the optimization of processes and the closure of duplicate IT systems in connection with the merger with Euro Bank. 

In 2020, for the next year in a row, Bank Millennium was awarded the Reliable Employer (Solidny Pracodawca) title. So far, the Bank Millennium Group has very broadly supported the physical development and sports activities of its employees. In 2020, due to the limitations resulting from the COVID19 pandemic, it was not possible to continue the existing programs. Therefore, the bank focused on various forms of employee support. 

Already in April 2020, by the decision of the Bank’s Management Board, a fund supporting the costs of COVID19 treatment of employees and their relatives was created. The amount of this fund is PLN 1 million. Social benefits were also launched in the form of money. The amount of the so-called a Christmas allowance and allowance for people with the lowest income was paid. 

The „Parents for Yes” (Rodzice na Tak) program, which enjoys great interest among employees and their families, received considerable financial support in the form of a benefit from a social fund intended to support remote education of children and youth, because the limitations related to the pandemic prevented traditional forms of joint recreation, trips and family meetings. 

In keeping with the Diversity Policy introduced in Bank Millennium Group in 2017, the Group operates with respect for human dignity and observes the right to equal treatment irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity and nationality, religion, denomination, family status, sexual orientation, health status, convictions, trade union membership as well as other factors exposing to discriminatory behaviours 

Bank Millennium Group takes on board the principle of respecting diversity in the Work Regulations, Code of Ethics as well as in other important regulations on human resources management 
and applies them in: recruitment and employment, access to remuneration and positions, support of employees parents, equal access to benefits, support of persons in a difficult living situation, development of leadership based on values as well as freedom of speech and open communication.  

In Bank Millennium Group knowledge is developed and awareness built of employees as regards ethics and matters of respect for diversity. All employees undergo mandatory training in ethical matters. Additionally all management staff take obligatory training in preventing mobbing and discrimination in employment. Bank Millennium Group implemented an anti-mobbing and anti-discriminatory procedure. There is an abuse reporting system in place, which is independent of service hierarchy. 

In Bank Millennium women constitute the majority of persons employed – close to 68%. Their participation in the Bank’s management (starting from the position of branch manager) was approx. 56%. Although during recent years participation of women in senior management has been steadily growing, they are still under-represented and constitute only 31% of this group. 

The Bank’s strategy, including the building of teams to serve expatriates working in Poland, is also conducive to raising diversity of staff in terms of nationality: in 2020 there were 42 foreigners employed. 

The age structure of the employees is relatively balanced; persons entering the labour market as well as those towards the end of their professional career are employed. The majority of employees are persons aged between 30 and 50 – 67% while young persons under 30 – 24%. 

In relation to the long-term development strategy, in its HR management policy the Bank will strive to further reflect diversity as regards competencies and professional experience of employees. Growth of employment is expected in the area of new technologies, communication and new marketing strategies with diversified professional experience. 

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