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ESG report 2020

Share price performance

Over the major part of 2020, similar to the banks from the peer group, the Bank’s share price remained under the pressure related to the investors’ fears about negative economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the legal risk of the FX mortgage loans.

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While after the fall in share prices in March/early April, the following months saw a rapid recovery in the share prices of many companies and sectors, the banks remained in the back. It was partially caused by a negative impact of the reduction in the interest rates on the results of the sector. WIG-Banks Index and share price of Bank Millennium reached their lowest level at the end of October. The end of the year brought a strong rebound of the share prices on a wave of optimism stemming from the faster-than-expected completion of the research into the development of a vaccine against COVID-19. Consequently, WIG-Banks Index and the price share of Bank Millennium finished the year at the level close to this from the mid-March, however, still below this at the end of 2019. 

2020 brought drops in all the main indexes. The main WIG index was down 1%, WIG 20, index of the largest companies, fell 8% and WIG-Banks, the index representing bank share prices, fell 30%. At the same time, the price of Bank Millennium shares fell 44%. 

In 2020, the annual average daily turnover of Bank Millennium shares (PLN6.8 million) was 13% higher than in the same period of the previous year. 

Market ratios  30.12.2020*  28.12.2019*  Change (%) y/y 
Number of Bank’s shares (in thousands)  1 213 117 1 213 117 0,00%
Average daily turnover in annual terms  
6 832 6 068 12,6%
Bank’s share price (PLN)  3,27 5,85 (44,1%)
Market capitalization of the Bank (PLNmn)  3 967 7 097 (44,1%)
WIG Banks  4 765 6 768 (29,6%)
WIG20 1 984 2 150 (7,7%)
WIG30 2 313 2 472 (6,5%)
WIG – main index  57 026 57 833 (1,4%)
(*) last day of listing in 2020 and 2019


Bank Millennium’s shares are included in the following indexes on the Warsaw Stock Exchange: WIG, WIG Banks, WIG 30, mWIG 40, WIG Poland and WIG-ESG. 

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