Financial and
ESG report 2020

Additional explanations to the cash flow statement

For the purpose of the cash flow statement the following financial assets are classified by the Group as cash or its equivalents (PLN’000):

31.12.2020 31.12.2019
Cash and balances with the Central Bank 1 460 289 2 203 444
Receivables from interbank deposits* 122 659 440 162
Debt securities issued by the State Treasury* 3 486 1 109 183
of which FVTOCI 0 1 086 797
of which held for trading 3 486 22 386
Total 1 586 434 3 752 789
* Financial assets with maturity below three months

For the purpose of the cash flow statement the following classification of activity types was adopted:

  1. Operating activities – cover the basic scope of operations connected with services provided by the Group’s units covering events whose purpose is to earn profit and not being investment or financial activity,
  2. Investment activities cover operations connected with the purchasing and selling of fixed assets, in particular financial assets not included in the ”for trading” category, shares and shares in subsidiaries, tangible and intangible fixed assets,
  3. Financial activities cover activities connected with raising of funds in the form of capital or liabilities, as well as servicing sources of funding.

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