Financial and
ESG report 2020

Environmental education campaigns

Starting with the assumption that actions of individuals, if repeated by thousands, have immense impact, the Bank Millennium Group has been sharing information with its employees on how to take care of the environment for years now.

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The organization develops environmental awareness among its employees, clients and business partners, among others through the following campaigns carried out in 2020: 

  • “Push yourself, not the button” campaign – encouraging the employees of the Warsaw Head Office to use stairs instead of elevators. In the first quarter of 2020, plaques promoting a healthy lifestyle and choosing stairs instead of elevators in daily habits were put up in all elevator halls of the head office building. In addition to the main goal of building “well-being” among employees, the campaign was also used to minimize electricity consumption.  
  • Collection of electronic waste and an increased reach and length of the environmental/charitable campaign involving the recycling of plastic caps collected throughout the Bank (an NGO cooperating with the Bank sells them as a recyclable material and uses the funds to help the poor).  
  • Intranet-based contest of environmental knowledge for employees, in which the winners received gifts made out of biodegradable materials with a Bank Millennium logo.  
  • Remodeling of the Warsaw head office floors, with the environmental design and footprint/ecology being the main themes, environmental slogans and natural materials (also from Polish manufacturers). The newly completed office space is decorated with numerous plants, which has a positive impact on the office atmosphere and ecoclimate.  
  • Informing about changes in waste collection arrangements (marketing campaigns, new containers for selective waste collection with appropriate logos). The new containers are located in the main corridors of each floor of the office. Paper and mixed waste containers are also located in kitchen spaces.  
  • Waste segregation process has been implemented in most branches. In the fourth quarter of 2020, a pilot program was carried out to replace segregated waste containers in outlets and financial centers in Krakow and Warsaw (20 locations). Based on the pilot’s results, recommendations for the replacement of containers in the entire network were presented.  
  • The Bank also collects other waste, such as old batteries and electronic waste. In 2020, the Bank collected 300 kg of used up batteries and 250 kg of electric waste delivered by the Bank’s employees. 
  • Plastic straws, paper packaging for sugar, plastic packaging for sandwiches have been removed from the cafeteria located in the Bank’s Head Office in Warsaw; patrons are encouraged to use their own cups and dishes. 
  • Bicycle transport is encouraged and infrastructure for cyclists is developed (additional bicycle stands and showers). 

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