Financial and
ESG report 2020

Supporting education


The Bank offers employment opportunities to both experienced specialists and young people without a long professional history. Our organization has attached particular importance to promoting the Bank as an attractive employer among students for many years. To this end, it has devised special internship programs and cooperated with student clubs and institutions of higher education. This year, despite having planned a program of internship and cooperation with the academia, were have made the hard decision to withhold or limit our activity in this area due to the pandemic and to shift to remote work.   

CentrumcoworkinguSGH2 CentrumcoworkinguSGH2

Cooperation with institutions of higher education

The Bank has been cooperating with reputable universities, including the Warsaw University or the Warsaw School of Economics. One of the examples of such cooperation is the Bank’s membership in the SGH Partner Club and substantive contribution to the university life and creating the first coworking center at SGH. It is a place for meetings, networking, consultations with business theorists and practitioners from SGH and the bank. The coworking center allows students and graduates who have established or plan to establish a start-up business to work freely and marry their concepts with business practice.  

As part of its joint activity with SGH, Bank Millennium also continues its collaboration with the Student Scholars Club of Statistics, with which it implements flagship projects and substantive workshops for Club members. 

As a consequence of the pandemic, most activities are performed in a new, online, form. 

The Bank supports the students’ intercultural development

Since 2013, as part of its cooperation with the University of Warsaw and the Camões Institute, Bank Millennium has funded scholarships for the best bachelor degree students of Portuguese studies at the University of Warsaw. In 2020, the scholarship financed by Bank Millennium allowed the winner to go to Portugal to learn its culture and language even better. The Bank sees its special role in creating educational opportunities which bring two countries together and facilitate a better mutual understanding. Supporting talented students is the best investment in the future.   

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