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Bank Millennium Foundation educational programs

[GRI FS16] Despite the pandemic, the Bank Millennium Foundation continued the educational program “Financial ABCs”, yet in a changed formula. As soon as COVID-19 occurred and the related restrictions were introduced, the activities that had taken place in preschools were suspended until further notice and it was decided to prepare a remote formula of the project, including the creation of modern online educational material.

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Financial education of preschoolers

The four existing printed “Financial ABCs” handbooks were released in the form of funny cartoons for children on the Foundation’s YouTube channel, which could be accessed from any computer and smartphone. And so, they could be used not only by children but also by preschool staff and parents. 

“A guidebook for parents – How to teach finance to children”, published on the Foundation’s website, was an effect of our cooperation with a psychologist. It is a cycle of advice for parents about financial education of preschoolers, which might be very helpful to parents involved in home education, not only during the pandemic. The articles include interesting exercises and games, which are engaging for both children and adults. They aim is to teach good habits associated with saving, respect for work and money. 

The Bank Millennium Foundation has presented the outcome of the survey of opinions on financial education conducted among parents of preschool children. According to the parents taking part in the survey carried out for the Foundation by the GfK research institute, it is best to start learning about finance when you are between three and seven years old. The results of the survey confirm that the concentration of the Foundation’s activity on educating the youngest children is a good choice.  

As part of the cycle of advice to parents about financial education, the Foundation of Bank Millennium has recorded a cycle of video interviews carried by the representative of the Foundation with a psychologist on topics related to the specific nature of financial education of preschool children. It was a special proposition for the time of the 2020 pandemic. The conversations with the expert can be found on the Foundation’s YouTube profile.   

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