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ESG report 2020

Supporting diversity and counteracting discrimination

According to the Human Resource Policy in force in the Bank Millennium Group, the application of all discriminatory practices exhibiting the attributes of mobbing or sexual molestation toward employees is forbidden.


The Bank Millennium Group operates while respecting human dignity, it adheres to the law on equal treatment regardless of age, gender, ethnic or national origin, religion, creed, family status, sexual orientation, health condition, convictions, trade union membership and other premises that could trigger discrimination. The Bank joined the Diversity Charter, which is a commitment signed by organizations that decide to introduce a ban on discrimination at work and acting to create and promote diversity.  

The issue of respecting diversity in the Bank’s Group is governed by the Diversity Policy, the Code of Ethics, the Work Rules and Regulations and regulations pertaining to recruitment. Many measures are the result of implementing these policies: 

  • All employees go through mandatory training on ethical issues. In addition, the entire management obligatorily attends training on combating mobbing and discrimination in employment. The Bank has anti-mobbing and anti-discriminatory procedures. Employees may report abuse anonymously to the stated email address. 

[GRI 412-2] Number and % of managers trained on discrimination and mobbing**   98
* new managers and directors were trained; the data did not include ex Euro Bank employees
** the data are exclusive of employees of franchise branches. In franchise outlets, 76 managers completed the training in 2020.
  • During employee recruitment, criteria putting one in jeopardy of discriminatory behavior are not applied. These rules also apply to the termination of employment, terms of employment, promotions and access to training to raise professional qualification. Candidates are selected based on objective criteria, such as in particular: education, professional experience, general and specific competences, proficiency in foreign languages and the overall match with the profile. 
  • The Bank analyzes on an ongoing basis the compensation structure and equality of earnings and jobs by gender, age and nationality. Interviews are held from time to time with persons leaving the Bank to grasp the reasons for them to leave.  
  • Extensive communication and support are addressed to employees/parents. The Bank advises them of their parental rights. People with small children can take advantage of forms of recreation co-financed by the Bank under the Yes to Parenting program. 
  • Benefits such as medical care, group insurance, co-financing for sport and recreation are offered to all employees, also part-time employees. The Bank encourages employees to take their holiday leaves. 
  • The Bank lends a helping hand to people in a challenging financial and health-related situation through the existing social assistance system predicated on the Company Social Benefits Fund. Disabled people may take advantage of office infrastructure that is aligned to their capabilities.  

[GRI 405-1]
Employees with disabilities
Bank  2020 Group 2020 Bank  2019* Group 2019* Bank 2018 Group 2018 Bank 2017 Group 2017
 Number and % of employees  66 (0.92%)  68 (0.89%)  40 (0.68%)  43 (0.68%)  36 (0.62%)  39 (0.62%)  41 (0.74%)  44 (0.74%) 
*excluding Euro Bank employees
  • The Bank conducts regular management training aimed at strengthening the appropriate attitudes – also to overcome stereotypes and promote openness to employees’ various convictions and mold their own responsibility and that of their reports. 
  • Employees may freely express their views on internal Intranet forums. 

The HR Department keeps a register in which all claims relating to employee matters are recorded. They are reported to the Process and Operational Risk Committee. A notification is examined using a procedure, which involves, among others: collecting documentation to review the claim, conducting a survey among employees, making a decision to accept or reject the claim and issuing a response to the employee.  

[GRI 406-1] Three notifications pertaining to actions involving mobbing were recorded in 2020. In each of these cases, anti-mobbing questionnaires were completed and discussions were conducted with team, unit leaders. Although mobbing was confirmed in none of them, the leaders were instructed about the absolute necessity to ensure that the team member relationships are compliant with the rules of social conduct. 

2020 was a continuation and development of the 3xM(ille) project – a space for personalities at work and after work, a bottom-up initiative dedicated to the Bank’s women, who meet regularly over coffee and, obviously, after working hours in a casual atmosphere. Since its inception in 2019, the project has been successfully pursuing its objectives: building a community of women in the organization and, through the exchange of contacts and experiences and networking initiatives, has been activating, educating and helping its beneficiaries discover their own talents and possibilities. 3xM(ille) integrates people and supports diversity. It is a form of internal teambuilding and an additional tool for building organizational culture. In pursuit of its objectives, 3xM(ille) has established cooperation with Vital Voices Poland in support of the #Jestem Liderką [#I Am a Woman Leader] project aimed at empowering young women. Two online meetings were held in 2020, including one devoted to internal motivation. The 2020 meetings were attended by the total number of 140 women from Bank Millennium.

Compensation for women and men

In accordance with the Human Resource Policy in effect in Bank Millenniumin the compensation policy the Bank considers information on market compensation levels for similar positions. Employee compensation is periodically reviewed based on the Bank’s current strategy, market data and job performance assessments as well as employee career stages. The Bank strives to devise bonus systems in which the incentive is linked to the nature of the work in a given unit – by formulating reasonable and fair ratios describing job performance and the appropriate incentive systems for a given unit in the bank. 

[GRI 405-2] Ratio of women’s base compensation to men’s* 

 Bank Millennium Group 2020 2019** 2018 2017
Upper management  0.83  0.83  0.81  0.85 
Management  0.76  0.78  0.75  0.80 
Sales personnel  0.91  0.91  0.88  0.90 
Technicians  0.74  0.71  0.68  0.68 
Other employees  0.79  0.81  0.80  0.78 
All employees  0.70  0.71  0.68  0.69 
 Bank Millennium 2020 2019** 2018 2017
Upper management  0.83  0.85  0.85  0.84 
Management  0.76  0.77  0.75  0.80 
Sales personnel  0.92  0.91  0.89  0.90 
Technicians  0.75  0.72  0.69  0.69 
Other employees  0.77  0.78  0.77  0.75 
All employees  0.71  0.72  0.69  0.70 
* Weighted average, taking into account the group size and the percentage of women in a given group. The difference in compensation levels arises from the calculation method: a category contains positions with different responsibilities and different pay. ** without Euro Bank data * Weighted average, taking into account the group size and the percentage of women in a given group. The difference in compensation levels arises from the calculation method: a category contains positions with different responsibilities and different pay.
** without Euro Bank data

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