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Social benefits

[GRI 401-2]
Bank Millennium Group employees are offered the same social and financial benefits regardless of the type of employment agreement (for a fixed/unspecified term) and working time (part-time/full-time).

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The amount and scope of benefits depend on the employee’s life and financial situation. A private medical care plan is offered to employees employed for at least one half of a full time equivalent. The range of the plan varies for different positions.  

The Bylaws of the Company Social Benefit Fund regulate the Bank’s social activity. According to these Bylaws, the Bank pursues the following initiatives: 

  • conducting leisure, cultural, sporting, recreational and tourist activity, 
  • organizing events and group meetings, etc., 
  • providing material or financial assistance,  
  • providing financial assistance in individual events of chance, a particularly difficult financial, family or life situation (financial assistance that does not have to be repaid), including in states of exception or epidemic risks. 

Companies tap into the social benefits offering offered by the Bank but they finance it using their own Social Benefits Funds.  

The private medical care plan allows all the Group employees equally to have access to basic and specialist medical consultations, detailed diagnostic tests and prevention programs.  

Under their social assistance the Bank and Companies offer assistance to employees who are in a particularly difficult material, family or life situation.  

Benefits awarded to employees of the Bank

2020 2019 2018 2017
Financial assistance (PLN)  388,550  316,800  452,200  502,000 
Number of employees who received financial assistance  120  100  133  144 

Employees may join a group life insurance on preferential terms. The insurance covers life and health of the insured and his/her family members. Six insurance variants are available so that everyone can match the offer to their needs.  

Life insurance

Bank 2020 Group 2020 Bank 2019 Group 2019 Bank 2018 Group 2018 Bank 2017 Group 2017
Number and % of employees who used the offer  2,840

The primary goal is to give all employees broad access to various forms of sport and leisure activities. Sport activities are offered based on a MultiSport card, which ensures employees access to diverse sport activities, such as a swimming pool, a gym, fitness, squash, dance classes or a climbing wall. Using the card, employees can live healthy and active lifestyles. Additionally, employees can buy such a card for their family members on specially pre-negotiated price conditions. 

The employees who prefer other forms of leisure may choose an alternative form of spending their free time, namely cinema tickets to be used in large multiplexes and local cinemas with non-commercial programs of movies. The activity offering has been designed to enable each employee to pick whatever appeals to their interests and preferences from a broad range of sport and leisure services available in the market after working hours.  

Before Christmas, employees can receive financial support in the form of a holiday benefit. The benefit amount varies depending on the social standing of a given employee. 

The pandemic has forced the Bank to develop new solutions. For instance, in 2020, it was not possible to implement certain social projects, such as trips and excursions as well as meetings, which had been organized by the Bank for its employees for many years. This is why two new cash benefits were introduced to the formula of the Company Social Benefit Fund: the “Yes to Parenting” program and the low income benefit. This is primarily a response to parents’ needs related to remote education of children, the necessity to buy computers and educational aids for home learning. Most of the funds were allocated to financial aid for employees, including support for remote education of children and youth.   

In the face of the spreading coronavirus pandemic, the Bank Millennium Management Board decided to establish a Special Employee Support Fund. The Fund was supplied with the amount of PLN 1 million from the bank’s resources. The Fund is used to provide financial aid in the form of a non-refundable financial assistance in the event of coronavirus infection in the Bank Millennium Group’s employees and their family members (spouses, life partners, children).  The amount of the aid depends on the needs presented by a given employee in his or her application. 

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