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Professional development

Most job offers in the Bank Group are addressed to internal and external candidates. An employee who would like to develop his or her skills in some other area may report his or her desire to participate in an internal rotation. 

Selected employees are assigned to interdepartmental projects initiated and overseen by the Bank’s Management Board. This affords an opportunity to share knowledge and gain new skills.  

The number of people subject to the internal rotation process was exceptionally high in 2020. This was connected with the project of merging Bank Millennium and the former Euro Bank, development of a consistent organizational structure and standardization of processes.   

 Internal recruitment

Bank 2020 Group 2020 Bank 2019 Group 2019 Bank 2018 Group 2018 Bank 2017 Group 2017
Number of employees   753  753  87  87  95  95  141  141 

Bank Millennium conducts programs in which employees who stand out through their above average commitment receive rewards: 

IMPAKT Employee Reward Program in which employees reward their work colleagues. In 2020, 55 employees were recognized for their commitment, improvement of quality, innovative solutions and accepting challenges that inspire others. For the first time in the program history, this year’s gala and award ceremony were held virtually. 

Once a year, the best employees and managers are rewarded with the President’s Prize for their above average professional achievements. In 2020, the prizes were received by 12 employees of both the head office and sales network. 

At Bank Millennium, training is a vital element of everyday life and is treated as an investment in human capital. The training is supposed to improve employee competences, which translates into improved quality and efficiency of their work and achievement of the present and future business objectives. 

Every year Bank employees have an opportunity to participate in internal, external and e-learning training in specialist areas and in conferences and congresses. Due to the pandemic, in the interest of employees’ health, the Bank changed the form of training into remote and hybrid. The first training in the new form was introduced already on 16 March.  

Number of e-learning training topics Group 2020 Bank 2020 Group 2019  Bank 2019 Group 2018 Bank 2018
  490  495  483*  478*  245  212 


* the growth results from training the former Euro Bank employees
MillenniumCampus MillenniumCampus

Key training performed in 2020:

for new employees of the Bank Millennium Group. Due to the pandemic, the training was delivered fully remotely using the MS Teams software. 

a knowledge and competence development program aimed to support innovation growth in the organization. The proposition to take part in the program is addressed to all employees of the Bank as it allows a new perspective on many issues. Lectures are delivered online and recordings along with additional material are made available on the training platform and in Świat Millennium (World of Millennium), an employee PORTAL. There were 4,165 employees who signed in the 12 remote meetings held in 2020. 

  • Specialist orientation training for new employees of the Bank’s own branches and franchise network. 
  • SIM certification workshop – prepares for selling savings and investment products in accordance with the MiFID regulations and provides the knowledge of the standards required in the savings and investment model. 
  • Polish and foreign currency teller course – a classroom-based training delivered in Q1 2020 for employees of the former Euro Bank.  
  • “Mortgage loans” – the training is composed of three parts being successive elements of the process of familiarizing employees with the domain of mortgage product and its sales.  
  • “How to gain a positive perspective on negative credit decisions” for employees of Millennium Mini. It presents the credit process applied in the Bank.  
  • “I know everything about credit products – systematizing the knowledge of credit products for the retail client” for employees of Millennium Mini.  
  • “Sales by phone – learning the practical skills of conducting sales conversations on the phone using the principles of influence and effective argumentation” for employees of the Bank’s own and franchise networks.  
  • “Preparation for Outlet Manager induction” for Regional Directors of the Bank’s own and franchise networks. Prepared for conducting meetings with Managers/Partners/Leaders. 
  • “Business account offer for the franchise network” for employees of the franchise network.  

Prestige Relationship Managers were provided with training in the form of webinars on the current situation in financial markets run by an independent expert and organized in cooperation with the Retail Banking Marketing Department. The Bank continued the Certification Program for Prestige Relationship Managers. It included courses on financial markets and investing, products offered by Bank Millennium in the Prestige segment, techniques for handling doubts and objections based on the personality types of customers and effective sales closing. The program ends with a theoretical and practical examination to confirm the skillful ability to utilize this knowledge in daily work.  

The training program enhancing the skills of Corporate Banking Relationship Managers in building a professional image was continued. It was based on excellent product knowledge, thorough Client needs analysis skills and deal structuring, negotiating skills and skills for effectively closing deals. This program consists of a series of e-learning product-related courses, training workshops and knowledge-related tests. Additionally, all the corporate banking relationship managers took part in training sessions to improve their sales effectiveness and implementing regeneration and stress management techniques. Moreover, corporate banking relationship managers and product specialists were invited to participate in 2-day training sessions in storytelling, where they developed methods of building their own storytelling catalog. With a view to reinforcing the training, a video course was added and 3 training webinars were offered to support sales meetings.   

Additionally, Corporate Banking Relationship Managers attended the workshops and webinars concerning investment financing using EU funds, project selection criteria and model of cooperation with entities participating in obtaining subsidies, including the important role of the Bank as a business partner.  

Apart from product training closing with an examination taken to obtain a license for commencing insurance sales, the Bank employees selling insurance products underwent the annual professional training to improve their competences in the area of pursuing insurance mediation activities. In addition to legal issues, the training focused on general rules and practical aspects of the distribution activity.  

Manager Development Program for managers of retail outlets of the Bank’s own network. The aim of the training is to improve the manager’s practical skills of defining, communicating and controlling objectives, building team commitment to their active pursuit and managing the sales team.  

Online workshops titled Remote Work expanding the knowledge of remote and hybrid team management and achievement of the set objectives. Managers enhanced remote team management skills and developed methods for improving work efficiency. Bank Unit, Department/Team Manager and Regional Director training. 

[GRI 404-1] Average number of training hours by gender and position  

Bank Millennium

Women Men Total
Management Board  0  30.3  30.3 
Upper management  21.4  15.5  36.9 
Management  30.2  26.8  57 
Sales personnel  50  57.9  107.9 
Other employees  22.3  23.9  46.2 
Total  123.9  154.4  278.3 

Bank Millennium Group

Women Men Total
Management Board  0  30.3  30.3 
Upper management  18.5  12.7  31.2 
Management  28.6  25.4  54 
Sales personnel  49.5  56.4  105.9 
Other employees  19.6  21.6  41.2 
Total  116.2  146.4  262.6 

[GRI 404-2] Because of a small number of employees in retirement age, there are no current programs that would support continuity of employment and make the retirement process easier for the employees. Nevertheless, training is available on individual request.

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