Financial and
ESG report 2020

Friendly workplace

In addition to providing attractive working conditions, development and social support, Bank Millennium offers the possibility to return to work after the maternity/parental leave, opportunities to take part in charitable activities, employee volunteerism, sport and cultural activities.

Bank Millennium Group

Men Women Total 2020 Total 2019* Total 2018
Employees who took leave  4  468  472  272  259 
Returned to work after leave  4  434  438  235  226 
Employed 12 months after returning from the leave  2  196  198  222  208 
% returning after leave  100%  93%  93%  86%  87% 
% of employees retained by the Bank who returned from the leave  100%  84%  84%  83%  79% 

Bank Millennium

Men Women Total 2020 Total 2019* Total 2018
Employees who took leave  4  455  459  265  252 
Returned to work after leave  4  422  426  231  222 
Employed 12 months after returning from the leave  2  193  195  179  202 
% returning after leave  100%  93%  93%  87%  88% 
of employees retained by the Bank who returned from the leave  100%  84%  84%  81%  79% 
* data for Euro Bank not available

The employees of the Bank Millennium Group are subject to one of the following working hour schedules: fixed (the main one), shift-based, task-based or balanced. The selection of a system depends on the type, organization and place of work and the business requirements in a specific area.  

In response to an employee’s written request, his or her superior may set an individual work time schedule within the framework of the work time system applicable to that employee. Working remotely is also possible through individual arrangements. Employees may work part-time insofar as the conditions for the Group to operate in a given area facilitate that. Many employees with parental rights are taking advantage of this solution.  

Other available solutions enable employees to work remotely due to the epidemic situation in Poland. They are described in more detail in item 3.1 Measures taken in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

[GRI FS16] Despite the pandemic, the Bank volunteers continued the “Financial ABCs” project (a financial education program for preschoolers) in a new format. As a result of the epidemic situation, the activities held in preschools were suspended until further notice, but the Bank Millennium Foundation ensured the online availability of educational material, which can be used by both preschool staff and parents. The volunteers created, among others, a series of modern educational material shared online on the Foundation’s YouTube channel and website. See more in Chapter “Social  activity”. 

In May, during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the Bank Millennium Group’s employees took care of their physical and mental wellbeing as part of a special campaign titled “Take care of yourself in May”. The preventive healthcare action was implemented in all internal social channels of the Bank.  For a month, everyone could consult LUX MED specialists, chat with a psychologist online and relax while watching free documentaries, cooking or taking part in special online yoga classes. All employees of the Bank engaged in the May campaign of taking care of oneself, which motivated them to being even more active.   

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