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Employee appraisal

[GRI 404-3]
All Bank employees, except for those who are on long-term holiday and other leave, are subject to regular appraisals.

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Bank Millennium has implemented Instructions for employee appraisal in Bank Millennium S.A., which provide guidelines for developing the principles of employee appraisal with respect to its various forms, i.e. in particular performance or competence appraisal. This appraisal is conducted on the basis of previously communicated, objective criteria. The employee appraisal period and criteria are aligned to the nature of his or her work and refer to important attitudes in everyday work: cooperation, commitment, quality, efficiency and management skills.  

Periodic employee appraisals might be the basis for: 

  • formulation of an opinion about an employee, promotion, transfers between organizational units, change of tasks and responsibilities, preparation of individual professional growth plans, 
  • preparation of specialist training and development training, 
  • decision to change terms of employment and continuation of employment, 
  • bonus recommendation if a bonus pool is allocated to an organizational unit. 

The performance appraisal constituting the basis for recommending the variable component is carried out in a manner preventing the situation where poor performance is rewarded. 

In addition to efficiency and quality criteria, the assessors consider the employee’s attitude to risk mitigation, in particular his/her reliable reporting of risks. 

The appraisal system allows the Bank to compare work results of different employees and their success rate in achieving the set goals. The evaluation process consists of several stages, which promotes transparency and guarantees a balanced employee appraisal. 

In the case of sales personnel, more attention is directed towards building long-lasting and stable relations with customers and care for the quality of the credit portfolio. 

Job promotions* 

Bank Millennium Group Men Women Total
Upper management  10%  21%  13% 
Management  24%  27%  26% 
Sales personnel  20%  19%  20% 
Technicians  24%  16%  20% 
Other employees   39%  30%  33% 
Total  23%  21%  22% 


Bank Millennium Men Women Total
Upper management  13%  26%  17% 
Management  26%  28%  27% 
Sales personnel  20%  19%  19% 
Technicians  27%  17%  22% 
Other employees   45%  36%  39% 
Total  25%  21%  23% 
* % of employees in a given group who were promoted

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