Financial and
ESG report 2020

High standards of customer service

Common, unified standards of customer service apply across all contact channels of Bank Millennium. They are adjusted to the type of unit, the tasks entrusted to it and the adopted business model.

The Bank has adopted standards for outlet staff, teams providing services to Prestige clients, Corporate Banking clients, teams dedicated to the Hotline, electronic communication personnel, the unit handling clients’ complaints and employees of the Bank’s Head Office.  

The customer service Standards that have been adopted for the Bank’s outlets and Hotline serve as the basis for models of conversations with clients about the Bank’s various product groups:  

everyday banking (personal account and accompanying products) 

credit products 

savings and investment products 

Customer service Standards are intended for all the direct customer service employees, and they contain, among other things, specific guidelines on how to greet/say goodbye to the client, talk to the client, present the Bank’s products, clarify doubts or handle the client’s complaints. They are discussed in detail during preliminary training and exercised in practice. 

Client Call Scripts augment the customer service Standards used in the Bank’s outlets and its information line; they refer to various product groups: personal accounts and accompanying products as well as loan, savings and investment products. They define the framework of conversation on the subject of the Bank’s products. Client Call Scripts refer to specific elements of customer service, procedural and regulatory duties. Therefore, they provide the client with comprehensive and understandable information. Failure to comply with the standards of services involves the risk of unethical sales and misleading the client, which may entail legal consequences and cause harm to reputation. The risk of decreased customer satisfaction may result in an increase in complaints or termination of the relationship with the Bank. In 2020, an additional risk connected with the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, i.e. sanitary riskThe outlets employees received detailed guidelines on how to minimize the risk of contracting the virus.   

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