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ESG report 2020

Identifying client needs

The Bank has been regularly reviewing the clients’ opinions and expectations concerning the product and service quality.

Discovering client needs is the constant starting point for each and every project aimed at changing a process, product, communication or the customer service model in Bank Millennium. Actions designed to understand customer expectations are implemented in every service channel. 

The second, and no less important, part of the analysis is to explore and learn about the causes of a client’s particular expectation and the impact of the current social situation on their needs – this has been fundamental during the pandemic. 

Before implementation, the solutions we design are tested in research and conversations with clients.  

In 2020, Bank Millennium continued the traditional quantitative and qualitative research in the field of review of market trends resulting from the current socio-economic situation and the specific product and service assumptions. The research also supported the projects carried out under the Service Design methodology where the full understanding of client needs is of crucial importance. These projects served both to improve the quality of service and to develop the product offering. 

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As in the previous years, research was carried out on retail and corporate clients as well as high-net-worth (Prestige) clients and microbusiness (Small Business) clients.  

Quality and Satisfaction Survey
Bank Millennium
2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Surveys conducted  47  25  27  21  24  24 
Number of Mystery Shopping visits  3,059  2,768  3,500  4,065  3,900  4,000 



To further understand client expectations and provide immediate assistance in resolving difficulties that arise, the Bank continued the “SłuchaMY” program. The assumption of the program is to collect suggestions submitted by clients, forward them to the Bank’s appropriate units for analysis and, if possible, make the expected improvements in products or processes. As a rule, each client receives feedback on how the case reported by him or her has been handled. In 2020, the number of clients participating in the project exceeded 4,000. 

The satisfaction and level of recommendations among retail clients in internal research stayed at a very high level in 2020, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 53 and 94% satisfied clients. The high satisfaction and recommendation ratings of the Bank are particularly satisfying after the successful merger with Euro Bank. The data confirm that former Euro Bank clients do appreciate quality of cooperation with Bank Millennium. Client satisfaction with the main contact channels is consistently very high: 97% in case of the mobile application, 95% in case of the Millenet electronic banking system and in case of the outlet service, 90% in case of the Contact Center. Clients are also satisfied with the offer – 95% of customers are satisfied with their 360° Account. 

NPS ratio* 

* indicates clients’ willingness to recommend products and services. These data refer to the Bank’s internal research and pertain to retail clients

The Bank executed also corporate customer satisfaction survey. The survey demonstrated a sustained upward trend in client satisfaction also during the pandemic (NPS increased to 48). The client feedback made it possible to assess the actions taken by the Bank and to use such information to plan the activities for 2021.  

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