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Complaints management

[GRI 102-15]
The Bank’s purpose is to build a positive client experience and enhance customer service satisfaction during the complaint handling process. 

Product Regulations and “Complaints Handling Instructions” are documents governing the issues related to complaints. The results of adopting this policy are manifested by the improved complaints handling process, shorter complaints examination and delegating more powers to employees who have been trained on the principles of straightforward client communication. The risks associated with the failure to adhere to the policy include the loss of reputation, legal and financial risks stemming from the “Act on complaint examination by financial market entities and on the Financial Ombudsman” and the “Act on payment services”. 

Clients can submit a complaint through several channels: in the branch, by phone, through electronic banking and by mail. Clients who are especially active are invited to participate in tests and give opinions on new products and system solutions. All problems reported by clients are subject to analysis. The conclusions from analyzing complaints and client suggestions are taken into consideration when streamlining products and services. 202 minor and larger initiatives were collected in 2020 in the Voice of Customer (VOC) program to eliminate the causes of complaints, of which 113 were implemented.  


initiatives were implemented in 2020 in the Voice of Customer (VOC)


Clients satisfied and very satisfied with the complaint process


of complaints handled in favor of clients

Many actions were undertaken to streamline the complaints process for the purpose of shortening the complaints examination period and enhancing the level of client satisfaction: 

  • Robotization was used for recurring operational activities. Already three robots are helping in the process, work is underway on the implementation of new ones. 
  • The Bank implemented monthly client satisfaction monitoring of the complaint process and the “Close the loop” process – analyzes and contact with customers who assessed the process negatively. This allows the Bank to keep track of client satisfaction, analyze reasons for satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and take actions to increase client satisfaction. 
  • The “Embrace the Problem” project is continued, aiming to support personnel serving clients directly in dealing with complaints by informing them about the most frequently reported complaints and the need to accept reasonable and complete notifications. 
  • In December 2020, system hints for branch and Contact Center employees on how to properly resolve a client issue and to which department should the request/inquiry be forwarded were developed. This reduces the waiting times and helps avoid an incorrect registration of submissions as complaints. 
  • The Bank uses simple language in its responses to clients, and the texts are visually clear. In accordance with the principles of straightforward language, the Bank has developed templates for responding to the most common requests and has placed them in the complaint processing system. Consequently, it is easier to prepare a reply and the processing time is shorter. 
  • Thanks to the development of the principles of cooperation between the Bank’s distinct units, information from client complaints is used to improve products and processes and prevent the occurrence of similar complaints in the future. 

Complaint reports are forwarded to the people responsible for individual products and processes allowing the Bank to analyze the quality of services it offers on an ongoing basis and take optimization measures. A broad range of ratios related to complaints is reported on a monthly basis, while the effects of the overall complaints handling process are presented regularly at the Process and Operational Risk Committee meetings and also at the meetings of the Supervisory Board Audit Committee. 

Client satisfaction with the Bank’s complaint process

2020            2019    2018 2017   2016  2015
Clients satisfied and very satisfied with the complaint process   79%  Study was not conducted*  85%  76%  77%  76% 
% of clients that recommend the Bank   52%  52%  55%  52%  44% 
NPS ratio** on the complaints process  36  35  37  36  21 
* Due to the operational merger with Euro Bank
** Indicates the willingness to recommend the Bank’s products and services

Group Companies manage complaints on their own Millennium Leasing has in place the procedure for submitting and reviewing complaints submitted by the clients. Millennium Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych (TFI) offers its products through distributors of participation units and does not have direct contact with clients. Client complaints are submitted to Millennium TFI as well as to distributors. The Bank reviews complaints related to the customer service provided by its employees. To the extent involving the quality of products offered by Millennium TFI, complaints are handled, at TFI’s request, by the transfer agent who keeps the registers of participants and conducts transactions regarding the participation units. In the Brokerage House, complaints are handled jointly by the Bank when they pertain to the services provided by Bank Millennium as the Agent of Millennium DM.  

Complaints filed*

2020         2019       2018       2017        2016
Number of complaints filed  113,182**  91,682**  70,707  44,493  41,750 
Number and % of complaints handled in favor of clients  86,619  










[GRI 418-1] Number and % of complaints concerning privacy breaches or loss of client data   224  










* Complaints reviewed by Bank Millennium (except for investment products)
** The increase in the number of complaints resulted from, among other factors, the merger of Bank Millennium and Euro Bank’s complaint portfolios, migration of client data and a rapid increase in the number of clients
*** Of which 94 complaints were accepted
**** Of which 93 complaints were accepted

The results of the complaint management and customer communication policy were noticed and appreciated by the market, as Bank Millennium was awarded the first prize in the 2020 European Customer Centricity Awards in the complaints category. The prestigious ECAA competition organized by ARCET is one of the most important European contests promoting customer centricity and the Customer Experience perspective in business. The jury recognized the “Embrace the Problem” project that focuses on addressing client needs and the case-by-case approach.  

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