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ESG report 2020

Quality of customer service

[GRI 103-1, 103-2, 103-3]
The quality of customer service is one of the fundamental values espoused by Bank Millennium.

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Thanks to the ongoing analyses of client expectations and the adjustment of products and services to the changing market needs, the Bank invariably remains at the forefront of institutions providing top quality service. By constantly monitoring client feedback and market trends across all business lines, even during the peak of the pandemic, the Bank has implemented many solutions in line with the current needs of clients in terms of product range, service facilities and access to transactions via the specific contact channels.

In 2020, the Bank’s activities in the area of quality focused on: 

ensuring safety of employees and clients in the branches

digitization of processes and supporting clients in migrating to remote channels

monitoring the clients’ expectations and needs and the service quality levels

developing solutions to improve the client satisfaction in all contact channels

Building processes and solutions based on the client perspective translates into client loyalty and satisfaction, and a positive banking experience. Clients expect ever newer and more innovative solutions, and the Bank designs these together with them, striving to ensure a positive experience. According to the results of an internal satisfaction survey, 94% of retail clients were satisfied with their cooperation with Bank Millennium and the level of recommendations of retail clients remained at a very high level, the NPS index in 2020 was 53. 

Bank Millennium is one of the best rated banks in Poland in terms of satisfaction, loyalty and NPS ratio, as confirmed by the Client Satisfaction Monitor survey conducted by ARC Rynek i Opinia. The Bank, in a study commissioned and published by KPMG Polska, was recognized by the consumers as the Customer Experience leader among banks for another consecutive year. Millennium was also for the second time among the first ten in the list of the hundred highest rated brands operating in the Polish market, moving up by two positions, to the 7th place.  

The quality measures implemented by the Bank were also recognized in the Institution of the Year 2020 competition, where it became one of the winners in the “Best service in remote channels” category and 19 branches of Bank Millennium received the “Best banking institution in Poland” title. In this year’s edition of Gwiazdy Bankowości [Banking Stars] ranking organized by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and a consulting company PwC, where the votes are given by clients, the Bank ranked second in the “Customer Relationship” category. The Bank was also awarded the main prize in the prestigious European Customer Centricity Award contest, in the “complaint” category. The ECAA competition organized by ARCET is one of the most important European contests promoting “customer centricity” and the Customer Experience perspective in business. 

The Company Millennium TFI offers its products through distributors of participation units and does not have direct contact with clients.  Client expectations and needs are identified through the Fund Management Company’s relations with distributors. Appropriate service quality is ensured by the distributors’ sales network who receive information and documents necessary to assure high service quality from the Fund Management Company.   

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