Financial and
ESG report 2020

Safety of client funds

[GRI 103-1, 103-2, 103-3]
Ensuring the safety of the cash entrusted by clients is a priority in the Bank Millennium Group’s activity.

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Efficient management of this area is governed by the policies of information security, prevention of abuse and risk management, code of ethics and best market practices., which are in force both at the Bank and in the Group’s Companies. The Bank’s internal regulators serve the prevention and identification of various risks related to the conduct of banking business. Employees are trained regularly on the rules for preventing abuse and ensuring protection of the clients’ funds and data.  

Millennium TFI ensures safety of client funds entrusted to funds managed by the Fund Management Company in accordance with legal regulations governing investment funds and investment fund companies. Under the Act, the maintenance of participant records and the execution of participant instructions has been entrusted to a specialized entity, the transfer agent. The security of the assets held by the Funds is ensured by their depositary, i.e. Bank Millennium in the case of the Millennium Funds. 

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