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ESG report 2020

Banking without barriers

[GRI 103-1,103-2,103-3]
“Banking without Barriers” remains one of the key social programs carried out by Bank Millennium.

Raport_2018-063 Raport_2018-063

The idea of barrier-free banking, accessibility of products and services to all without exception, is not just one of the CSR programs, but a philosophy of the organization and an important component of the Bank’s business strategy. For years, by introducing solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies, Millennium has been trying to eliminate infrastructural, digital and physical barriers in access to financial and non-financial services. This year, the Bank, while operating in challenging epidemic conditions, continued in its commitment to the latest technological development tools, offering customers a remote, convenient way to use its services and products. Because of Covid, the open banking services gradually developed by Millennium become very popular.  

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