Financial and
ESG report 2020

The Bank Millennium group’s values

[GRI 102-16] 
The Bank’s mission is to support clients in the achievement of financial success now and in the future. The Bank is building its competitive advantage on the values forming the basis for how it does business.

Millenium-Grafy-2019_wartosci-EN Millenium-Grafy-2019_wartosci-EN

We can rely on ourselves, and, when developing and implementing ambitious goals, we remember about ethics and our collaborators.  Responsibility, respect, support and understanding are cementing our community and help us strengthen our leading position among the best banks in Poland. We are building trust in the Bank by serving as its ambassadors. 

We set the standards of perfection and create trends in banking. Openness, enthusiasm, searching for best solutions and breaking the barriers are embedded in our thinking, actions, products, services and processes as well as relations with the outside world and within the organization. 

In our organizational culture, goals and successes are achieved through mutual inspiration, exchange of competence and experience. We discover and reward the people who through their actions motivate others to show their best self. 

When others are achieving the peak of their capabilities, we always want more. We develop and raise employee and team competences through training and certification programs. We carefully observe the environment, perfecting and changing ourselves, and we actively respond to challenges of the future. 

The Bank Millennium Group has in place the Code of the Leader developed by a group of managers. It translates the company’s values into the expected behaviors of the leaders in their day-to-day work. It defines how exactly a value may be expressed, which behaviors support it and which constitute its violation.  

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