Financial and
ESG report 2020

2021 perspectives

2021 – a transform year before new strategy roll-out

Quick recovery of business results

  • Improvement of business results through better pricing and sales increase in core products
  • Double-digit growth of cash loan sales
  • Mortgage sales above PLN7bn
  • Corporate loan book growth >PLN1.1bn

Focus on operational efficiency

  • New operational efficiency program: Processes Re-engineering, automatisation, standardisation and simplification
  • # radical productivity
  • Fine-tuning of branch network after 21% reduction in 2020
  • C/I of c.a. 47%

Full digitalisation

  • Extending digital customer base beyond current age segments
  • Exceeding 80% digital clients by the end of YE21
  • 80% end-to-end sales processes coverage on digital platforms
  • Keeping top-notch customer digital experience

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