2019 Financial
and Social Report


For years the Bank has been involved in the life of the academic community by giving students and graduates an opportunity to hone their competences and interests and gain their initial professional experience. The Millennium Bankers paid internship program, the Ambassador programs and free of charge training sessions and workshops are permanent elements of this offering. The Bank also takes an active part in job fairs organized throughout Poland. In 2019, it took part in 23 events, which served the purpose of demonstrating the unique character of banking jobs to interested individuals.

Millennium Bankers is a summer internship program, allowing students to acquire practical knowledge of banking through participation in complex projects. In 2019, the Bank hired 24 interns who had acquired experience in the Bank’s various head office departments and 7 regional corporate centers across Poland. During the program, participants took part in a training on effective team communication tailored specifically to their needs. Every year, Millennium Bankers is certified by the Polish Association of Human Resources Management.

The 17th edition of the Ambasador program was completed in 2019. During the program, 5 ambassadors in the main academic centers across Poland supported Bank Millennium in building relations between the academic community and the company as an employer. In the course of their one-year-long cooperation, the ambassadors focus mainly on the provision of direct information on the growth opportunities offered by the Bank, having at their disposal an offering of internship, employment and workshop programs.

Cooperation with institutions of higher education

Since 2017 Bank Millennium has been a member of the SGH Partner Club and works closely with the university, taking active part in its life not only as its sponsor but also in terms of educational substance and developing its brand as an employer. Bank representatives take an active part in meetings with the Council of the Warsaw School of Economics’ Partners Club during which elements of the university’s strategy and the possibilities of educating students on key competences are discussed. As part of a cooperation agreement between the institution, the first coworking center at SGH was created. It is a place for meetings, networking, consultations with business theorists and practitioners from SGH and the bank. The coworking center allows students and graduates who have established or plan to establish a start-up business to work freely and marry their concepts with business practice.

The Bank also continues its collaboration with the SGH Student Scholars Club of Statistics, with which it implements projects such as the BIG DATA Conference or substantive workshops for Club members. In 2019, the Bank extended its substantive support for the research project entitled “Study of the savings market among students” executed by the Student Scholars Club of Statistics and the Student Scholars Club of Marketing at SGH. The goal of the study was to learn about the students’ attitudes towards different forms of savings and their experience with savings products available on the market.

Collaboration was also launched with the Student Scholars Club of Finance at the Management Faculty of the University of Warsaw; the Bank’s representatives presented the different facets of working in the banking sector and professional development opportunities offered by Bank Millennium.

In 2019, Bank Millennium, the University of Warsaw and the Camões Institute extended their existing cooperation for three more years. Under this project, Bank Millennium will fund scholarships for the best bachelor degree students of Portuguese studies at the University of Warsaw. The purpose of the signed memorandum is to support the development and extend intercultural experience of Polish students, popularize the teaching of Portuguese language and culture in Poland. Bank Millennium has funded scholarships for the best students since 2013.

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