2019 Financial
and Social Report

As part of social activity Bank Millennium analyzes the trends in innovation in the market environment. The Bank’s experts prepare an annual report entitled “Millennium Index Report – Regions’ Innovation Potential” which describes disproportions in development of innovations in Polish voivodships. The “Millennium Index Report” is a report prepared by Bank Millennium S.A. experts and was our contribution to the public debate concerning the drivers of regional development in Poland and to level the inequalities that exist between them. In 2019 the fourth edition of the report was published. It contains an analysis of the factors fostering and inhibiting the development of innovation in each one of Poland’s regions. The report has been enriched to include commentaries from an extensive group of experts: economists, academics and practitioners, heads of the most innovative companies and governmental institutions. This makes it a valuable publication and a source of knowledge for local government authorities on how to level the playing field for regions in Poland.

Bank Millennium also supported the “Young Innovators” project carried out by the Lesław A. Paga Foundation. It was an educational project concerning innovation and new technologies implemented in organizations. It included weekend workshops on the topic of design thinking start-up. One of the workshops was conducted by Bank Millennium employees.

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