2019 Financial
and Social Report

Respecting Humans Rights

Issues concerning respecting human rights are described in the Bank Millennium Group’s Code of Ethics, the Diversity Policy as well as in anti-discrimination and anti-mobbing procedures.

The Bank Millennium Group operates while respecting human dignity, it objects to discriminatory practices and complies with the principles of equal treatment regardless of age, gender, ethnic or national origin, religion, creed, family status, sexual orientation, health condition, convictions, trade union membership and other premises that could trigger discrimination. This information does not constitute the criteria for selection of employees, termination of their employment, setting their terms of employment, promotion and access to benefits and training to raise their professional qualifications.

In the Bank Group, the employees exercise, among other things, the right to information and consultations, collective bargaining agreements and collective actions, social and housing aid, good working conditions, social assistance and healthcare access. The policies prevailing in the Bank Group and the outcomes of their application are described in chapter “Employees”.

Every supplier taking part in a tender procedure must undertake to observe the rules included in the Bank Millennium Group’s Code of Ethics, including the respect of human rights and compliance with anti-corruption policies, by signing a representation to that effect. The clause containing an obligation to comply with the Code of Ethics is also included in agreements concluded with suppliers.

Additionally, Bank Millennium has inserted clauses in its rules and regulations for lending to Corporate Banking clients on all clients having to meet the requirements of environmental protection and respecting employment rules. The rules and regulations contain certain restrictions regarding the financing of socially harmful activity featured on the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) Environmental and Social Exclusion List. The limitations commit all borrowers among others not to use the funding received from a loan for projects associated with forced labor and all forms of discrimination in employment.

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