2019 Financial
and Social Report

Environmental Education Campaigns

The Bank Millennium Group builds environmental awareness among its employees, clients and business partners:

  • in 2019, a number of educational campaigns were conducted: posters in employee amenity areas, guidebooks and videos in the Bank’s internal and external communication channels, anti-smog campaign supporting the information campaign on how to live an environmentally friendly life;
  • an ‘Eco event’ was held in the Bank’s Head Office in Warsaw, during which participants had the opportunity to solve an environmental knowledge quiz, learn how to pack presents in an environmentally friendly manner as well as create cosmetics from natural ingredients and Christmas decorations from recycled materials.
  • plastic straws, paper packaging for sugar, plastic packaging for sandwiches have been removed from the cafeteria located in the Bank’s Head Office in Warsaw; clients are encouraged to use their own cups and dishes.
  • in almost 100 branches, smog sensors have been installed;
  • bicycle transport is encouraged and infrastructure for cyclists is developed (additional bicycle stands and showers);
  • in contracts with product suppliers, environmental clauses are used wherever reasonable.

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