2019 Financial
and Social Report

Significant risks related to the employee area

[GRI 102-11, GRI 102-15, GRI 102-30] A significant risk factor in the employee area is the employee turnover ratio and the prospective loss of competences of importance to the Bank’s development. To prevent this from transpiring the Bank regularly monitors the level of the employee turnover ratio and it analyzes the reasons for employees to leave. The level of base salaries is also analyzed from time to time. The composition of compensation and its level compared to market benchmarks are subject to assessment.

The key risk in the employee compensation and appraisal area is the possibility of using incentive mechanisms that may have negative effects for the Group in the long term or which may generate conflicts of interests and actions to the detriment of our clients.

[GRI 102-11, GRI 102-30] Consistent implementation of the adopted Compensation Policy has allowed us to minimize these risks, among others by keeping the appropriate ratio of fixed to variable compensation, by using a formal appraisal system featuring criteria matching the character and the specific nature of the job and by taking a long-term perspective when evaluating business performance.

The Bank has also consistently been raising the quality of management and strengthening an organizational culture based on values. This goal is achieved through management training. Its purpose is to support the actions of leaders not just to generate performance but also to build trust and relations with employees.

Another group of employee-related issues pertains to the risks related to potential mobbing or discrimination. The Bank bans all activities exhibiting the attributes of mobbing and discrimination and it treats such activities as a severe violation of employee obligations. Any employee who believes he or she is a victim of discriminatory practices or mobbing may notify any manager about this fact. Managers go through mandatory training on mobbing and discrimination.

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