2019 Financial
and Social Report

HR policy

The Bank Millennium Group has in place the Bank Millennium Group Human Resource Policy, which regulates employee recruitment, management, development and retention as well as the headcount planning and monitoring. On the other hand, the Policy on the compensation of persons having material impact on the risk profile articulates the assumptions used to shape the fixed and variable components of compensation of such employees.

Bank Millennium has also implemented a Policy for the selection and assessment of qualifications of members of the management body and persons discharging the most important functions. It ensures that the persons discharging the most important functions in the Bank Millennium Group, including functions in management bodies, have the requisite professional qualifications and the appropriate reputation. This policy fosters sound Group management, the generation of stable results and the appropriate operational risk management in the long-term perspective.

The implemented Diversity Policy shows that Bank Millennium operates while respecting human dignity adheres to the law on equal treatment regardless of age, gender, ethnic or national origin, religion, creed, family status, sexual orientation, health condition, convictions, trade union membership and other premises that could trigger discrimination.

[GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2, GRI 103-3] The Bank Millennium Group applies employee regulations that are as uniform as possible, in particular: Work Rules and Regulations – laying down the organization and order of work and the related rights and duties of the employer and employees as well as Compensation Rules and Regulations establishing the rules and conditions for paying compensation and awarding other benefits.

The result of applying HR policies is as follows:

  • Creating uniform rules of employment, access to benefits and compensation;
  • Checking compensation systems from time to time, including basic salaries, including comparisons with market benchmarks;
  • Using balanced appraisal systems aligned to the mid and long-term targets while taking into account quantitative and qualitative criteria;
  • Checking qualifications and conscientiously selecting employees for the top positions in the Group;
  • Countering conflicts of interest and decision making that poses a threat to the Bank’s long-term welfare by introducing more detailed criteria for appraising the work of people in managerial positions referring to their impact on the risk;
  • Counteracting discrimination and mobbing through communication, training and implementing an abuse reporting system;
  • Building an organizational culture based on values through the extensive promoting of organizational values and implementing the Code of the Leader.

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