2019 Financial
and Social Report

Innovative services

[GRI 103-1] Innovation and continued digitization are assets that provide the Bank with a significant competitive advantage. Digital transformation is not only about providing new systems or modernizing existing solutions. It actually covers a variety of other areas as well. It has a major impact on organizational culture by modifying processes, products, work methods and people’s mentality.

This year, the Bank continued to reach for modern tools of technological development, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, conversation systems and virtual and augmented reality. Moreover, the Bank successfully developed remote access channels. To meet the expectations of clients who now wish to have everything at their fingertips, preferably in one application, the Bank has enriched its offering with several services from outside the banking area.

The following are most important digital facilities rolled out by the Bank for its retail and corporate clients:

roll-out of a new Millenet online system and mobile application. For their development, technologies, solutions and design unique on the Polish market have been applied, thereby providing a completely new digital experience. In the new application and Millenet, clients may find offers at their fingertips that are tailored precisely to their specific needs and individual approach to financial management.

automatic payment of toll fees to Blue Media in the mobile application. As the first financial institution in Poland, the Bank has rolled out the Autopay service enabling drivers to use Polish motorways without the need to stop at the toll gates. The toll is automatically charged to the user’s account or credit card after exiting the motorway.

Urban transport passengers can buy a ticket, validate it and produce it for inspection in their handset. Vehicle drivers may use the application to pay for the actual parking time without having to pay in advance as is the case with a parking meter.

Bank Millennium is the first and only bank in Poland to offer the “Travel Assistance” service. It is a special button available in the mobile application, which may be set in such way so that it is visible before logging in. It works even without Internet access and makes it possible to place a direct phone call to the insurer or send a text message to it with a callback request. The content of the message is generated automatically – it contains the policy number and the client’s location. The insurer immediately obtains information on where a given person is located, and is able to arrange the necessary help quickly.

fully online with an innovative function of entering the car details by scanning the Aztec code from the vehicle registration document.

Bank Millennium supports development of e-administration in Poland by allowing for handling official matters with the use of its internet banking system. In the Millenet internet banking system, one may create a Trusted Profile (free-of-charge electronic signature) providing access to public administration services online 24 hours a day. As the client’s identity is confirmed by the Bank, it is not necessary to visit an office to set up a profile. In the Millenet system, clients may also apply for the 500+ and Good Start benefits.

by leveraging elements of artificial intelligence and technology to recognize voice and intention, the Milla Chatbot may conduct a voice or text-based conversation with a client. It will field questions, and if necessary, it will pose follow up questions about particulars and perform the task in question. Milla is presently capable of executing wire transfers, topping up prepaid cards and mobile phones, showing the transaction history and upcoming payments, specifying when the wire will reach its recipient and stating the bank’s contact data. In the future, it will enable clients to search for other information and navigate the mobile application.

innovative device for corporate clients to log into the system and authorize instructions. It is the first solution of its kind in Poland based on the Cronto technology developed by OneSpan. The device provides the highest level of security and unique convenience for solutions of this kind.

this service gives Corporate Banking clients the ability to share information rapidly, effectively and safely with their internal finance and accounting systems and the Bank’s internet banking system Millenet.

integrated platform in the Millenet internet banking system for Corporates providing for online handling of lease agreements, monitoring liabilities, formal services and remittance of payments for leasing service.

Goodie is an intuitively operated buying platform accessible as an application for smartphones and as a website at www.goodie.pl. It was created as an internal startup at Bank Millennium. Through goodie, it is possible to view offers from promotional newsletters and information on discounts available at online and brick and mortar shops. The platform makes it easy to plan shopping and find inspirations and promotional offers aligned to the user’s personal preferences and location. Data processing is one of goodie’s significant attributes. The user does not have to adjust the application himself. The application adjusts the whole content and processes based on past and real-time data.

applied during the operational merger with Euro Bank. It enabled a fully online-based client migration process and activation of access to the merged bank’s channels. Its features are simplicity, one-step process and focus on the best client experience possible (for instance, clients may log in to the system using their existing Euro Bank credentials). The Wizard enabled the activation of approx. 200,000 clients over a timespan of several days with a 90% conversion rate.

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