2019 Financial
and Social Report

The bank in the market environment

At end of 2019 Bank Millennium Group was 7th among top commercial banks in Poland by total assets and deposits. The Bank’s market share in deposits was 6,0% (5,3% at end of 2018) and 5,7% (4,6% in 2018) in loans.

Bank Millennium Group kept a relatively stronger position in the segment of household deposits (7,2% vs 6,2% at end of 2018), mortgages (8,3% vs 6,8% at end of the previous year) and transactions made with credit cards (8,6% vs 8,0% in 2018). In the companies’ segment, where the Group has a lower share than in the retail segment (4,0% in deposits and in loans), the Group maintains a traditionally above-average position in lease and factoring products. The Group continues to distribute its products and services via a network of 830 branches, as well as through electronic channels, including cash machines, the Internet, phone and mobile apps.

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