2019 Financial
and Social Report

Management approach to sustainable development

The principal aspects of managing issues related to sustainable development have been incorporated in the Bank Millennium Group’s 2018-2020 Strategy and are being implemented in the various areas of the operations conducted by the Bank and its Companies.

Millenium-Grafy-2019_klinet-pracownik-spole-EN Millenium-Grafy-2019_klinet-pracownik-spole-EN

[GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2, GRI 103-3] Actions to benefit the society form integral part of the business strategy at Bank Millennium. Our priority is to provide the highest quality of client service, conduct ethical marketing and sales and facilitate the utilization of banking and non-banking services (e.g. e-administration) by rolling out facilities for disabled persons and innovative services. The employees are also the addressees of CSR-related activities. The Bank promotes diversity in the organization in addition to ensuring stable and attractive working conditions and offering opportunities to get involved in social activities. Social programs are run through the Bank Millennium Foundation and pertain to financial education and cultivating employee volunteerism. The President of the Bank’s Management Board is responsible for overseeing the pursuit of the CSR goals at the highest level.

[GRI 102-30, GRI 102-31, GRI 102-26] Strategy execution is subject to regular reviews and assessments. They are administered by the Bank’s Management Board on the basis of information prepared by the units responsible for their performance and by the Bank’s Supervisory Board on the basis of the information presented by the Management Board. Global assessment of the Bank’s activities, including the management of economic, environmental and social issues, is performed by the Supervisory Board based on the Bank’s published statements. They are analyzed and presented to the Shareholders at the Shareholder Meeting and form the basis for granting a discharge to the Bank’s Management Board on the performance of its duties in a given financial year.

All its CSR activities have been summarized once a year for 13 years in the Bank Millennium Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility reports. [GRI 102-12] The Bank is also a signator of two important international initiatives. It joined the Diversity Charter, which is a commitment signed by organizations that decide to introduce a ban on discrimination at work and acting to create and promote diversity. The company also supports the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). When joining the partnership between business and the government administration to achieve these sustainable development goals, Bank Millennium declared that it would conduct activities in particular for the financial education of children and youth (goal 6 – education quality).

The CSR activities pursued by the company are highly rated by the market. In 2019, Bank Millennium was included in the WIG-ESG index of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In 2010-2019 it was part of the Respect Index. In the Ranking of Socially Responsible Companies published by the Responsible Business Forum, we are in the top ten that espouse CSR to the greatest extent. Also, every year we are awarded the Silver CSR Leaf in the Polityka weekly’s ranking.

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