2019 Financial
and Social Report

Investor relations

Communicating with the investors’ community the Bank assures a high level of transparency and proper access to information for all its recipients. Accurate and up-to-date information is provided in keeping with relevant legal regulations.

The list of information published by the Bank, defining the frequency and place of publication, is available on the Bank’s website in the Investor Relations section – in section of Information Policy.

The Bank makes use of diverse communication channels to reach current and potential Shareholders, primarily such channels as:

  • Periodic conferences with the Management Board about quarterly results of the Bank’s Capital Group (4 during 2019),
  • Participation in conferences and road shows organised for Investors in Poland and abroad (12),
  • Face-to-face and group meetings with capital market participants (360 persons),
  • Current reports (30) and press releases,
  • Dedicated website in the Bank’s portal on investor relations (since 2014 it is adapted to mobile devices),
  • Encouraging participation in annual General Meetings of the Bank,
  • Day-to-day contacts with market participants (via e-mail or phone).

In keeping with best practice on equal access to information from 2006 the Bank has been assuring unrestricted access to results conferences online with the Management Board (video streaming in Polish and in English) and by phone. A recording of each conference is available on the Bank’s website. The Bank also provides video streaming of General Meetings. A recording of the deliberations and the resolutions adopted are also available on the website.

In 2019 13 analysts representing local and foreign brokerage houses published reports and recommendations regarding the Bank’s shares (their list can be found on the Bank’s website in the Investor Relations – in Analysts section.

In 2019, the Bank complied with the corporate governance principles contained in the document ‚Good practices of companies listed on the WSE’ in the scope of relations with investors and the market. The only exception was the lack of two-way communication in real time during the Bank’s General Meeting. In the Bank’s opinion the implementation of this rule during a General Meeting carries technical and legal risks to the correct and efficient conducting of a General Meeting. In the Bank’s opinion, avoiding these risks constitutes a bigger value for the Shareholders. At the same time, the Bank does not rule out the possibility of ensuring to the shareholders real-time two-way communication during the proceedings of General Meetings in future, should factual or legal circumstances change. Full information on compliance with corporate governance principles can be found in Chapter 9 of this report.

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