2019 Financial
and Social Report

Personal policy

Bank Millennium Group has personnel policy, which defines general principles involved with recruitment, evaluation, development and retention of staff. Based on this Policy as well as business assumptions the Bank has created the Human Resources Management strategy. The strategy regulates all areas of human resources management, including employment and remuneration.

Personnel policy and the HR Management strategy based on it, support business needs of Bank Millennium Group. Activities are carried out in particular in following areas:

Bank Millennium attaches great weight to customer service quality. 2019 saw continuation of the “Masters’ Academy” comprehensive programme of developing competencies of retail banking staff, which was started in 2016. The key role in success of this project is played by regional coaches, selected from among those branch employees who stand out in sales performance and quality. The key assumption of the project involves passing on of best – performance-proven – hands-on selling skills. Its aim is to improve the quality of services offered to customers of Bank Millennium Group. It comprises a number of workshops on quality of service and understanding customers’ needs.

In relation to the merger with Euro Bank, on 1st October 2019 a broad inception training process was started, which is to enable Euro Bank staff to seamlessly and calmly start working in the structures of Bank Millennium. Training was planned throughout Poland in Bank Millennium standards, products and systems. Additionally professional e-learning programmes were prepared specifically for this purpose.

In the corporate banking area work proceeds on building a culture of growth and development of an effective organisation, based on giving and receiving feedback. All the work is being done on the basis of the sales model, which is in place in corporate banking and reflects the particulars of work of persons involved. This work is intended to assimilate the model as well as possible, the need to apply it in practice to attain the highest effectiveness as well as accommodation of essential relevant behaviours, practices and attitudes.

In this area a training programme is also continued with the purpose of improving Advisers’ skills as regards building a professional image based on excellent knowledge of products, ability to make an in-depth analysis of Customers’ needs and structuring of transactions, negotiation skills and the ability to effectively close transactions. The programme comprises a series of product e-learning courses, training workshops provided by 2 independent companies as well as knowledge exams. Moreover all corporate banking Advisers attended training aimed at improving sales effectiveness as well as introducing regeneration and stress management techniques. Additionally corporate banking advisers and product specialists were invited to attend storytelling training where they developed methods of building a list of their own sales pitches. To enhance the training a video course made up of 12 chapters was added.

The training programme for Prestige Advisers remains an important part of retail staff development in Bank Millennium. The training comprises knowledge about financial markets and investing, products offered by Bank Millennium in the Prestige segment, techniques for handling doubts and objections based on the Customer’s personality typology as well as methods of effective closing of a sale.

Bank Millennium Group recognises and rewards employee attitudes, which lead to growth of work quality as well as optimisation of processes, effectiveness and facing-up to professional challenges. In 2019 the “Impakt” employee awards programme was continued, where the Group’s employees themselves propose candidates for the award.

In its development Bank Millennium Group relies on information technologies. They are used in building customer service systems in branches as well as in electronic and mobile banking. In 2019 Bank Millennium Group increased employment in the area of digital technologies by 55% (by 44% in result of the merger with Euro Bank). Acquiring talents is done not only through regular recruitment activities but also expert programmes and cooperation with student organisations.

Since 2015 BM Group has been steadily carrying out the M#leaders leadership development programme. Its aim is to build attitudes and to support leaders not only towards achieving results but building trust and relationships with staff. The programme’s role is also to enhance proper attitudes – including overcoming of stereotypes and promoting openness to diversified beliefs of the employees and also developing responsibility – personal as well as among subordinates. The programme is based on such values as personal development, trust, integrity, commitment to building genuine relationships and developing associates. By taking part in workshops, managers have the opportunity not only to learn leadership theory but above all to share experience with other participants and to implement the developed solutions in practice.

Since 2017 Bank Millennium Group has had the Leader’s Code, which translates the values of Bank Millennium Group to specific leadership behaviours. The Code identifies behaviours, which support the Group’s values and those, which violate them.

In 2019 another year in a row Bank Millennium received the Reliable Employer title. Bank Millennium Group supports physical development and sports activities of employees. In 2019 Bank Millennium co-financed the participation of employees in such sports events as i.e.: “Color Run”, “Bieg Firmowy”, “Potop Rowerowy”. A large part of the employees were also using subscription cards for sports activities.

As in previous years, a number of activities to support employees’ – [parents as well as children in the “Parents Say Yes” programme.

In keeping with the Diversity Policy introduced in Bank Millennium Group in 2017, the Group operates with respect for human dignity and observes the right to equal treatment irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity and nationality, religion, denomination, family status, sexual orientation, health status, convictions, trade union membership as well as other factors exposing to discriminatory behaviours

Bank Millennium Group takes on board the principle of respecting diversity in the Work Regulations, Code of Ethics as well as in other important regulations on human resources management
and applies them in: recruitment and employment, access to remuneration and positions, support of employees parents, equal access to benefits, support of persons in a difficult living situation, development of leadership based on values as well as freedom of speech and open communication.

In Bank Millennium Group knowledge is developed and awareness built of employees as regards ethics and matters of respect for diversity. All employees undergo mandatory training in ethical matters. Additionally all management staff take obligatory training in preventing mobbing and discrimination in employment. Bank Millennium Group implemented an anti-mobbing and anti-discriminatory procedure. There is an abuse reporting system in place, which is independent of service hierarchy.

In Bank Millennium women constitute the majority of persons employed – close to 70%. Their participation in the Bank’s management (starting from the position of branch manager) was approx. 59%. Although during recent years participation of women in senior management has been steadily growing, they are still under-represented and constitute only 31% of this group.

The Bank’s strategy, including the building of cells to serve expatriates working in Poland, is also conducive to raising diversity of staff in terms of nationality: in 2019 there were 52 foreigners employed.

The age structure of the employees is relatively balanced; persons entering the labour market as well as those towards the end of their professional career are employed. The biggest of employees are persons aged between 30 and 40 – 43% as well as young persons under 30 – 26%.

In relation to the long-term development strategy, in its HR management policy the Bank will strive to further reflect diversity as regards competencies and professional experience of employees. Growth of employment is expected in the area of new technologies, communication and new marketing strategies with diversified professional experience.

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