2019 Financial
and Social Report

Information on compensations and benefits of the persons supervising and managing the Bank

Salaries (including the balance of created and reversed provisions for payments of bonuses) and benefits of managing persons recognized in Profit and loss account of the Group were as follows (data in thousand PLN):

Year Salaries and bonuses Benefits Total
2019 19 414,8 1 838,9 21 253,7
2018 18 653,1 1 941,1 20 594,2

The benefits are mainly the costs of accommodation of the foreign members of the Management Board. The values ​​presented in the table above include items classified to the category of short-term benefits and provision for variable remuneration components.

In 2019 and 2018, the Members of the Management Board did not receive any salaries or any fringe benefits from Subsidiaries.

Remuneration of the Members of the Supervisory Board of the Bank (data in thousand PLN):

Period Short term salaries and benefits
2019 2 076,7
2018 1 926,6

In 2019 and 2018, the Members of the Bank’s Supervisory Board did not receive remuneration for performing their functions in subsidiaries.

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