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2018 Financial and Social Report


For years the Bank has been giving students and graduates an opportunity to hone their competences and interests and gain their initial professional experience. This was made possible through participation in the Millennium Bankers internship program, the regularly recurring Expert Start-up development programs and free of charge training sessions and workshops.

Education programs – numbers of participants
Program Description 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Millennium Bankers The Summer internship program facilitating student involvement in independent complex projects in which they acquire practical knowledge of the banking business.  The program was named High-Quality Internship and Traineeship by the Polish Human Resources Management Association. 67 40 34 34 24
Millennium Academy The purpose of free workshops and training for students run by the Bank’s specialists is to show the specific nature of a job in banking and present possible career paths. 612 180 200 204 211
People Grow is a managerial competence development program for graduates and students completing their final years of study. It is a two-year on-the-job training programme that offers an opportunity to obtain comprehensive knowledge of the bank’s operations. 3 6 8
Expert Start Up is a collection of internship programs conducted in various departments of the Bank for people interested in working for the financial sector. The interns are supported by managers and specialists in the area in which the project is conducted. 4 8 12 4 9
Total 683 228 249 248 252

Bank Millennium is a member of the SGH Partner Club and works closely with the university, taking active part in its life not only as its sponsor but also in terms of educational substance and developing its brand as an employer. As part of a cooperation agreement between the institution, the first coworking center at SGH was created in 2018.It is a place for meetings, networking, consultations with business theorists and practitioners from SGH and the bank.The coworking center allows students and graduates who have established or plan to establish a start-up business to work freely and marry their concepts with business practice.



Several months after the center was opened, the SGH students who developed their start-up in the coworking center won the Enactus Polska National Competition 2018. In the following stage they took their project, entitled MIONSZ, to represent their university and Poland at the Enactus World Cup 2018 at the Silicon Valley in California. They presented a social project for the use of fruit that is classified as waste for the production of natural juices without the addition of sugar. Bank Millennium sponsored 5 scholarships for MIONSZ members to go to the Silicon Valley.

In 2018, the flagship projects of the Student Scholars Club of Statistics were carried out in cooperation with the Bank. Bank Millennium was the Strategic Partner of the event entitled “Big Data – bigger opportunities”. The meeting included workshops on: presentation of consumer survey results, product marketing in retail banking, corporate transaction banking and the practical application of the Design Thinking, Agile Development and Lean Startup methods.

Additionally, Bank Millennium experts conducted a series of lectures, workshops and seminars showing the young people how the knowledge they acquire can be used in various departments and banking processes. The Campaign Management Department cooperated with the Student Scholars Club of Statistics to conduct a workshop for 30 students of the Warsaw School of Economics. The meeting was focused on the recommendation systems using tools in the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning cloud. Another seminar delivered by the Risk Department was entitled “PD models – crystal ball in banks”. The students learned about the tools supporting credit decision-making and how an optimum point is defined in the proprietary scoring model below which the bank should not grant a loan.

In 2018, the Bank was a partner of the “Artificial Intelligence” topic at the Warsaw Science Festival. The cycle included more than ten debates, workshops and presentations focusing on the use of artificial intelligence today and in the future, as well as related opportunities and threats. A Bank Millennium expert took part in one of the festival’s main debates. Nearly 50 thousand people in total participated in more than 1000 events held as part of the festival at the institutions of higher learning in Warsaw.