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2018 Financial and Social Report

Bank Millennium advances a 360° culture of innovation. This means that it offers innovative solutions to clients and it creates working conditions for employees that are conducive to creating thinking. The Bank also examines trends in its market environment by publishing topical reports and supporting innovation-related events.

Eagle of Innovation Contest

Since 2015, Bank Millennium has been a partner of the Eagle of Innovation contest organized by the Rzeczpospolita newspaper. The goal of the initiative is to select and distinguish the most innovative business undertakings in Poland. In 2018, the board of the contest also selected Maria Skłodowska-Curie as the “Innovator of the Century”. Bank Millennium takes part in many accompanying activities as a strategic partner in this contest. They take the form of recorded debates, articles and commentaries.

Millennium Index Report – Regions’ Innovation Potential

The report entitled Millennium Index Report – Regions’ Innovation Potential authored by Bank Millennium experts is our contribution to the public debate concerning the drivers of regional development in Poland. The third edition of the report was published in 2018. It contains an analysis of the factors fostering and inhibiting the development of innovation in each one of Poland’s regions. The report has been enriched to include commentaries from an extensive group of experts: economists, academics, business practitioners and local government officials. This makes it a valuable publication and a source of knowledge for local government authorities on how to level the playing field for regions in Poland. National and regional media have cited this report many times. The report was presented at the Economic Forum in Krynica. This has made it possible to reach an extensive group of recipients and spark interest in the subject of developing innovation in Poland.