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2018 Financial and Social Report

Our activity in the field of culture has constituted an important part of the social activities pursued by Bank Millennium for 30 years. They are planned based on the following assumptions:

  • cooperation in long-term programs with clearly defined goals is preferred,
  • supported programs should have a broad public audience and be available through the media too,
  • major partners in pursuing cultural programs should be first of all cultural institutions, non-governmental institutions and the media.

Bank Millennium has been supporting national and local cultural undertakings for 30 years now. It as a 360° patron of culture: it promotes art in nearly all its manifestations, including music, painting, sculpture, film, theater, photography, literature and performance. Bank for 17 years, it has been funding the “Golden Scepter” award for eminent cultural personalities, for 11 years “Millennium Pearls” (“Perły Millennium”), a joint program of Bank Millennium and Polish TV (TVP), whose purpose is to produce, promote and present artistic events in the high art realm on Polish TV. For 16 years it has sponsored the Złota Tarka (Golden Grater) Old Jazz Meeting, an International Traditional Jazz Festival. For 7 years it has been associated with the Sacrum Profanum contemporary music festival, for which it received from Krakow Festival Office the “Lifter of Culture” award. For more than 6 years it has been a patron of the Bella Skyway Festival – a multimedia spectacle staged by an international group of artists. For 7 years it was associated with the Two Theaters Festival, for 5 years – with the Gdańsk Music Festival. It also supported the Mozart Festival in the Warsaw Chamber Opera and many others.

Currently, the most important cultural project for the Bank is the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival.

This is the largest, global documentary film festival in Poland with accompanying events (workshops, discussions and concerts). In 2018, the showings and festival events were held in 26 cities in Poland and were attended by an audience of 65 thousand (compared to 4.5 thousand in 2004). Bank Millennium has partnered with Millennium Docs Against Gravity for 13 years and in 2016 it assumed the role of titular patron over this festival.

For several years the Bank has been a partner for the only ranking of young Polish artists and an exhibition of their work: Youth Art Compass. The goal of this initiative, in addition to the promotion of recognized young artists, is to engage in efforts to build a professional art market in Poland and educate on trends in art. Youth Art Compass is an excellent guide for collectors, owners of galleries and auction houses and investors, who treat this ranking as a source of valuable information about the position of young artists. The Bank has also funded a prize for the winner of this ranking. The results of Youth Art Compass are published every year in the Rzeczpospolita daily and they are accompanied by educational articles pertaining to contemporary art, thereby making it possible to reach a higher number of people.