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2018 Financial and Social Report

Social programs are chiefly run through the Bank Millennium Foundation and pertain to two areas: financial education, and volunteerism. The Bank also supports cultural events and university education as well as programs promoting innovation.

Donations and sponsoring (PLN)
2018 2017 2016 2015
Donation Sponsoring Donation Sponsoring Donation Sponsoring Donation Sponsoring
Culture 797,983 558,848 573,515 150,000 587,684
Education 776,500 394,215 21,500 219,836 557,000 311,919 103,236
Charitable causes 88,294 41,168
Other 487,005 332,191 566,059 211,812
Total 1,263,505 1 524,389 587,559 990,495 645,294 885,434 294,404 587,684


The social programs run by the Bank Millennium Foundation focus on two areas:

Financial education

Since 2016, the Bank Millennium Foundation has carried out the “Financial ABCs” project. It is a proprietary financial education program for kindergarten-age children run under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Education and the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights. It has been developed by Bank Millennium employees in collaboration with a non-governmental organization. Its objective is to explain to these young children some basic financial concepts through fun and games. During the workshops organized in kindergartens, children learn the basic financial terms: what money is and how its value is measured, what an ATM and a credit card is, what is the difference between a need and a desire and why it pays to save. The classes are done by volunteers, Bank Millennium employees.

So far four editions of the program have been organized. Overall, nearly 33,000 children from approximately 400 preschools across Poland have received instruction during nearly 1,300 workshops. In addition to the organization of training in kindergartens, the Foundation conducts open workshops in public spaces for all the willing children. In 2018, on the Children’s Day, for three consecutive days, the youngest could participate in classes in the Blue City Shopping Center in Warsaw, and during two September weekends, as part of the Science Festival in Warsaw, they could participate in financial education workshops. Special educational materials in the form of books were put together for the program whose main character is Sebastian. There are also booklets for coloring and stickers. Parents – Bank Millennium employees helped create these materials. These books are also available in children’s corners in the Bank’s branches. [GRI G4-FS16]

Employee volunteerism

The Foundation runs a program entitled Millantrop under which grants are awarded in a contest format for Bank employees to conduct social campaigns. So far, more than 400 volunteers took part in the initiatives financed by the grant program and they carried out programs for several thousand beneficiaries. Bank employees have been involved in diverse projects, from repair work to education to environmental projects. The volunteers have already renovated school rooms and playgrounds for an orphanage, equipped a therapy room for the disabled, laid new floor at a scouting facility or even built a school football pitch. The volunteers also conducted financial education workshops for children from various care institutions, promoted reading and encouraged young people to participate in sports activities and adopt a healthy lifestyle. They carried out a campaign for an animal shelter and planted a forest.


This formula of support for people and institutions in need works very well. Projects are submitted by employees who are aware of the needs of the local community. As a result, our help goes where it is really needed: frequently to small towns or villages, where it is difficult to obtain support from other sources.

Projects in the Bank Millennium Foundation’s grant contest in 2016-2018:

Number of volunteers
6 987
Number of beneficiaries
1 099
Hours spent on project execution