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2018 Financial and Social Report

In the Bank Millennium Group the materials and office equipment procurement system is centralized. The application to submit purchase orders makes it possible to verify the justification for purchasing every order. Monitoring the performance of budgets to procure materials and reduce the number of purchase orders to the level of the current consumption leads to curtailing the consumption of resources and the waste generated.

The method of placing orders and the prerequisites to purchase new office furnishings and equipment is regulated by internal instructions. Every purchase order is checked separately with an eye to the justification for the purchase and the standards prevailing in the Bank. Effectively managing own resources through re-usage makes it possible to limit the purchases of devices such as counters, shredders, coolers, microwaves, furnishings and office accessories.

Consumption of materials (kg) [GRI 301-1]
2018 Group 2018 Bank 2017 Group 2017 Bank 2016 Bank 2015 Bank Group – change 2018/2017 Reasons for change
Paper and paper rolls for operational needs 322,953 307,433 294,393 278,998 292,255 302,991 10% In 2018, the number of the Bank’s active clients rose by nearly 12% yoy. Despite the considerable increase in the number of clients and the need to print out additional documents and forms required by GDPR, the consumption of paper rose only by about 10% yoy.
Envelopes 62,834 61,381 61,070 59,422 56,140 73,208 3% Additional mass mailing to clients (balance confirmations, letters: Security Package, GDPR, PAD, PSD, SKOK).
Plastic articles 14,285 13,304 13,920 13,493 12,822 12,155 3% – the higher plastic consumption figure results from a methodology change in 2018. – consumption of plastic bottles in the companies was included (they are not ordered at the Bank).
Consumable materials for printing devices bd 703 bd 827 970 1,326 -15*% Effective management of own resources and checking of each purchase order in the context of the justification for a purchase.
Batteries 588 540 449 408 364 411 31% – increasing the number of devices, combination locks and replacement of batteries in remote holdup alarm switches.

*data for the Bank only