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2018 Financial and Social Report

Letter from the Chairman of the Management Board

Dear Stakeholders,

Bank Millennium is profoundly committed to realizing the social mission it has pursued from its establishment. Corporate social responsibility and banking without barriers are pillars of the Bank’s strategy. We are doing our utmost to eradicate all the infrastructural, digital and physical barriers that impede access to financial and non-financial services.

We are striving to be a bank without barriers. Nearly five million Poles, or almost 12% of its population have some type of disability. We are driven to facilitate their ability to use our financial services as customers. That is why we have introduced many improvements for people who are blind, visually impaired and have mobility impairments, including easier access to branches, ATMs, telephone and website service and method of service. All of our ATMs and more than 70% of our branches are presently fully accessible to persons with disabilities.

For adapting the Bank’s website to meet the needs of blind and visually impaired persons in 2018 Bank Millennium won the “Website Without Barriers” competition

According to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) merely 46% of the Polish public have basic digital competencies. This is not a good result compared with the European Union average of 57%. That is why we also intend to counteract digital exclusion. For this reason, we are improving access to mobile solutions to make customers’ lives easier. For our customers we are not just a financial services center but also their first access channel to other services. In the Bank’s mobile app customers can buy urban transport tickets and insurance or pay for parking. We also support remote contact with public administration. Customers using the internet banking system can create a free-of-charge electronic signature thereby giving them 24/7 access to the online services provided by public administration. After introducing a chatbot in 2018 we plan to launch a robo advisory service in the near future to make daily banking even easier. All these solutions forge value for the Bank and its environment.

In an OECD financial awareness survey spanning thirty countries Poland took last place. Only 32% of Poles set long-term financial objectives and strive to achieve them. Our response to this social issue has been to launch the “Financial ABCs” project. It is a proprietary financial education program for kindergartners run by the Bank Millennium Foundation under the honorary sponsorship of the Minister of Education and the Children’s Ombudsman. Its purpose is to explain to children – through play and games – the meaning of basic financial terms. During the two years of the project’s duration more than 1,300 workshops have been held to educate almost 33,000 children from approx. 400 kindergartens across Poland. Apart from workshops for kindergartners the Foundation has held open workshops in public spaces for all interested children.

1 300
33 000

With the Foundation’s support Bank employees can also implement own ideas for community campaigns. So far initiatives financed using grants provided by the Foundation have involved almost 450 employee volunteers who have run programs for nearly 7,000 beneficiaries. Some of the great ideas they implemented include renewing classrooms and a playgrounds; outfitting a therapy room for disabled persons; laying down a new floor in a scout hall or even expanding a school football pitch.

An important part of the activities to benefit the community is also supporting cultural events. For nearly 30 years Bank Millennium has been a 360° sponsor of culture, whereby it has promoted the arts in almost all its forms: music, painting, sculpture, film, theater, photography, literature and performance. The most important cultural project we have been supporting for 13 years is the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival – the largest annual documentary cinema festival in Poland.

The market highly appreciates our CSR-related efforts. Since 2010 the Bank has been a member of the Respect Index consisting of socially responsible companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is also among Polish top ten companies in the Ranking of Responsible Companies prepared by the Responsible Business Forum as well as it received the CSR Silver Leaf in the Polityka weekly’s ranking. The Bank is also a signatory of two important international initiatives. First is the Diversity Charter, a commitment signed by organizations that are attempting to eliminate discrimination, fostering and promoting diversity in the workplace. Second initiative is a business – government administration partnership for achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals in which Bank Millennium has undertaken to carry out financial education to children and youth.

We encourage you to read this report to learn more about the efforts all employees of Bank Millennium are taking to benefit the community and the environment.

Joao Bras Jorge
Chairman of the Management Board

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