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2018 Financial and Social Report

[GRI 404-2]

Most job offers in the Bank Group are addressed to internal and external candidates. An employee who would like to develop his or her skills in some other area may report his or her desire to participate in an internal rotation.

Selected employees are assigned to interdepartmental projects initiated and overseen by the Bank’s Management Board. This affords an opportunity to share knowledge and gain new skills.


Internal recruitment
2018 Bank 2018 Group 2017 Bank 2017 Group 2016 Group 2015 Group
Number of employees recruited internally 95 95 141 141 112 98

Bank Millennium conducts programs in which employees who stand out through their above average commitment receive rewards:

  • IMPAKT Employee Reward Program in which employees reward their work colleagues. In 2018, 40 employees were recognized for their commitment, improvement of quality, innovative solutions and accepting challenges that inspire others.

  • Selected managers participate in the M#leaders leadership skills improvement program.
  • Once a year, the best employees and managers are rewarded with the President’s Prize for their above average professional achievements.
  • Programs are being developed in the Group to enhance employee knowledge and specialization in sales and support. The top performing employees are awarded certificates.

The Bank organizes training programs and training workshops that cover all the employees, e.g. of the sales function. Some training activities are organized for the entire Bank Group. These arise out of internal and external regulations and include: occupational health and safety, data protection, data security training as well as management training programs and conferences. Specialist training is most frequently organized by the Bank internally.


2018 Bank 2018 Group
Number of e-learning training topics 212 245

Key training performed in 2018:

  • orientation training for new employees,
  • certification training for new employees on sales of investment products,
  • management competence development training cycle for retail branch managers,
  • customer service quality improvement training (traditional training and training using a gamification platform),
  • workshops on identifying client needs, sales standards and models,
  • numerous e-learning training courses concerning new products, changes to products, procedures and bank applications.

Prestige Relationship Managers were trained on the financial markets, investing and Bank products. The program ends with a theoretical and practical examination to confirm the skillful ability to utilize this knowledge in daily work.

The training program to enhance the skills of relationship managers in building a professional image was continued in corporate banking. It was based on excellent product knowledge, client needs analysis skills and deal structuring, negotiating skills and skills for effectively closing deals.  This program consists of a series of e-learning product-related courses, training workshops run by external firms and knowledge-related tests.  Additionally all the corporate banking relationship managers took part in the training on European funds and structured finance.

The M#leaders program targeting managers and directors in the Bank is still in operation in the Bank; its purpose is to strengthen leadership competences.  This program consists of short workshop sessions administered in small groups. These sessions employ a blended approach including workshops, case studies, group coaching and brainstorming. The participants learn from tried and true practices in leadership, management, communication, team work and inspiration whereby they mutually mobilize one another to apply their knowledge in practice. In 2018, a two-year management competence development training cycle was introduced for all retail branch managers.

  • Coach Academy – a training program for coaches in regional sales networks, aimed mainly at learning the skills to develop and conduct short trainings/workshops for small groups.
  • Coach School – a cycle of workshops for Bank Millennium’s internal coaches. The main objective of the program is for the participants to achieve competence in developing training programs and running various types of development activities.

In this knowledge and competence development program, regular meetings are organized with eminent lecturers from reputable universities from all over the world. The participation in Millennium Campus is offered to specialists, experts and managers from the head office of the Bank and companies as well as directors of regional and macroregional sales networks.

Average number of training hours by gender and position [GRI 404-1]
2018 Bank Millennium Men Women Total
Top management 19 13 17
Management 49 49 49
Sales personnel 70 54 58
Other employees 17 9 12
Total 46 43 44
2018 Bank Millennium Group Men Women Total
Top management 17 11 15
Management 45 47 46
Sales personnel 68 53 57
Other employees 15 8 11
Total 43 41 41

* Differences in the average number of training hours in the men and women groups result from the addition of the employee base of SKOK Piast (which was acquired by Bank Millennium in Q4 2018). Women make up as much as 90% of all SKOK Piast employees.