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2018 Financial and Social Report

In addition to providing attractive working conditions, development and social support, Bank Millennium offers programs for working parents, opportunities to take part in charitable activities, employee volunteerism and Millennium Active Zone events promoting a healthy lifestyle. The Bank also supports the cultivation of employees’ passions by co-funding MilleClub sporting, cultural and recreational projects.

YES to Parenting is a program addressed to parents and their children. Its objective is to advance the cause of maintaining balance between employees’ work lives and private lives, disseminate information about parental rights and guarantee their widespread observance.  Under this program employees and their families are invited to participate in contests, excursions co-funded by the Bank and cultural and sporting events promoting spending time together as families.  In 2018, the program organized domestic trips as well as trips that are several days long, to Paris, Disneyland and Barcelona. For employees with families, a pool of tickets was available for Cirque du Soleil and Disney on Ice shows, which took place in several Polish cities.

As part of another campaign – Millewidziani, a dozen meetings were organized at the Bank’s head office for the employees’ children and their kindergarten and school groups. The goal of the meetings was to present the concept of money to the children and to promote rational social attitudes towards financial issues and to familiarize them with the operation of selected areas of the Bank.

[GRI 401-3]

Bank Millennium Group Men Women Total 2018 Total 2017 Total 2016 Total 2015
Employees who took leave 3 256 259 290 338 328
Returned to work after leave 3 223 226 263 312 291
Employed 12 months after returning from the leave 2 206 208 279 244 258
Percentage returning after leave 100% 87% 87% 91% 92% 89%
Percentage of employees retained by the Group who returned from the leave 100% 79% 79% 89% 84% 89%
Bank Millennium Men Women Total 2018 Total 2017
Employees who took leave 3 249 252 281
Returned to work after leave 3 219 222 255
Employed 12 months after returning from the leave 1 201 202 262
Percentage returning after leave 100% 88% 88% 91%
Percentage of employees retained by the Bank who returned from the leave 100% 79% 79% 89%

The employees of the Bank Millennium Group are subject to one of the following working hour schedules: fixed (the main one), shift-based, task-based or balanced. The selection of a system depends on the type, organization and place of work and the business requirements in a specific area.

In response to an employee’s written request, his or her superior may set an individual work time schedule within the framework of the work time system applicable to that employee. Working remotely is also possible through individual arrangements. Employees may work part-time insofar as the conditions for the Group to operate in a given area facilitate that. Many employees with parental rights are taking advantage of this solution.

Every year Bank Group employees participate in charitable races in which the Bank co-funds participation. A Charitable Auction has also been held every year for the last 6 years. During this auction employees may purchase the handiwork created by their colleagues from work. The amount collected during the auction is matched by the bank and transferred for treatment of disabled children of the Bank’s employees.

In 2018, the auction was accompanied by initiatives aimed at promoting the campaign and raising additional funds. Handicraft workshops were organized, during which items were made to be auctioned. There was also a raffle and a charity run. A record amount of PLN 82 thousand was collected for the beneficiaries.

Employees have the opportunity to pursue their own volunteer campaigns under the Millantrop program. This program is run by the Bank Millennium Foundation, which awards grants through a contest to Bank employees to conduct social campaigns. So far, more than 400 volunteers took part in the initiatives financed by the grant program and they carried out programs for several thousand beneficiaries. Bank employees have been involved in diverse projects, from repair work to education to environmental projects. The volunteers have already renovated school rooms and playgrounds for an orphanage, equipped a therapy room for the disabled, laid new floor at a scouting facility or even built a school football pitch. The volunteers also conducted financial education workshops for children from various care institutions, promoted reading and encouraged young people to participate in sports activities and adopt a healthy lifestyle. They carried out a campaign for an animal shelter and planted a forest.

This formula of support for people and institutions in need works very well. Projects are submitted by employees who are aware of the needs of the local community. As a result, our help goes where it is really needed: frequently to small towns or villages, where it is difficult to obtain support from other sources.