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2018 Financial and Social Report

A trade union organization has been operating in Bank Millennium since 1 November 2018. The Bank has been cooperating with the organization to the extent required by the labor law and the act on trade unions; in particular, it has been consulting its normative acts and activities using the accepted procedure and with mutual consent. [GRI 102-41]

Dialog with employees is also conducted on an internal social forum and in the Intranet. These tools are used to inform employees of the most important issues relating to the Bank while making it possible to present remarks and exchange views on various topics.  Additionally, the HR Department runs a HR Zone intranet site on which it regularly posts all the information of interest to employees about employee matters. Every employee has access to his/her own HR information through the Milliludzie Intranet system. If this information is not sufficient, an employee may also file a direct inquiry to the HR Department using the HR Service employee service system or talk to the dedicated HR Department employee responsible for serving him/her – the HR relationship manager.