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2018 Financial and Social Report

Bank Millennium is the first Polish bank listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (since 13 August 1992). Presently, the Bank is a member of the WIG Index, WIG 30, mWIG 40, WIG Banks and the Respect Index.

Fast and accurate information for investors

The priority in investor relations is to provide fair and timely information concerning the strategy, business and financial performance of the overall Bank Millennium Group. The list of communications published by the Bank Group, including their frequency and place of publication, is available on the Bank’s website in the Investor Relations section.

The Bank uses various communication channels in order to reach present and prospective shareholders, mainly such as:

  • regular conferences with the participation of the Bank’s Management Board on the quarterly performance of the Bank Group (4 in 2018),
  • participation in conferences and road shows organized for investors in Poland and abroad (14),
  • individual and group meetings with capital market players (355 participants),
  • current stock exchange reports (25) and press releases,
  • dedicated website in the Bank’s portal on investor relations,
  • encouraging participation in the Annual Shareholder Meeting,
  • ongoing contacts with market participants (by e-mail or telephone).

To ensure best practice in equal access to information, since 2006 the Bank has enabled unlimited access to these conferences via the web (video transmission in Polish and English) and by telephone. A transcript of every conference is available on the Bank’s website. The Bank also offers a webcast of the Shareholder Meeting. A transcript of the discussion and resolutions is also available on the Bank’s website.

Meetings with capital market players
2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Number of meetings 155 183 192 206 208
Number of participants 355 373 391 418 410

ESG Best Practices

The Bank operates based on good ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) practices and observes corporate governance principles. The Company is a long-standing member of the RESPECT Index and reports on corporate social responsibility issues.

Best corporate governance practices

The Bank as a public company satisfies all the corporate governance principles described in the document Best Practices for WSE Listed Companies prepared by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The principal standard included in that document is the comply or explain rule. This means that a violation of any of the principles described in the Best Practices should be publicly announced by the Company promptly in the form of a relevant report.

Bank Millennium in the RESPECT Index for the 11th time

In 2018, Bank Millennium joined the RESPECT Index for the eleventh time in a row – it is an index of socially responsible companies. The RESPECT Index consists of Polish companies listed on the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange that espouse the highest standards of corporate governance, information governance and investor relations while taking into account the environmental, social and employee-related factors.

Companies in the RESPECT index undergo a three-tier review conducted by the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers in the areas mentioned above and an audit conducted by an external company.