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2018 Financial and Social Report

In 2018 the Bank conducted a series of meetings with businesses on cybersecurity. This series was addressed to the members of management boards who are responsible for finance, financial directors and chief accountants. Issues related to the safe usage of the internet were touched upon during these meetings. Cases studies were used to portray the methods employed by criminals in contacts with employees of the teams responsible for finance to steal money or obtain access to confidential information.

Bank experts also conducted workshops on the topic of cybercrime and fraud prevention. Practical case studies were used to depict the risks encountered in the corporate payment process and the operating schemes cybercriminals follow. Participants were also familiarized with safety rules that may help them protect themselves against attacks and embezzlement when utilizing corporate electronic banking.

Moreover, in 2018 two webinars were held with the participation of bank experts. During these meetings the methods for effectively managing FX risk in a business and creating an effective compliance culture (ensuring compliance with binding regulations) were discussed.