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2018 Financial and Social Report

IRB method – introduction

Bank and Group calculate own funds requirements to credit risk with internal rating based approach (IRB) for retail exposures to individual customers secured on residential mortgages (RRE portfolio) and for retail revolving exposures (QRRE). As for other loan portfolios, IRB roll-out plan proceeds according to arrangements made with competent authorities. The exceptions are portfolios of exposures to central banks and governments, institutions, leasing and capital exposures, which are included in the permanent exclusions from the IRB approach implementation.

As at 31 December, 2018, average risk weights under IRB method are as follows:

  • Total RRE portfolio 30.1%
  • RRE FX 32.1%
  • RRE PLN 28.3%
  • QRRE 28.9%

Information in that chapter is disclosed according to the requirements of Table EU CRE – Qualitative disclosure requirements related to IRB models (EBA/GL/2016/11).