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We always aim higher

When others reach the peak of their abilities, we want more. We have been closely watching our environment, perfecting and evolving, proactively responding to challenges of the future.

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We care about income and high business profitability

Improvement of profitability
and cost efficiency
Core income
as main driver
of the improvement
Solid asset quality
and liquidity
Strong capital
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In 2017, our net profit was 31% higher than 2016 profit on a recurrent basis, and it was a perfect result. We achieved the key objectives defined in our strategy – we exceeded 1.6 million of active clients, recorded almost 6% market share in retail deposits and 46% costs-to-income ratio.

Joao Bras Jorge

Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Millennium


Consistent execution of business objectives

We have a cost-effective business model and resources that allow its proper application. Our growth accelerators are retail banking, development of online and mobile banking, and increased share of electronic channels in the product sales volume.

Fast growth of the base
of new, active clients
Major development
of specialist financing
Growing number of clients
using electronic channels
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We support education,
we care about people and environment

Parallel to our financial activity we get involved in financial and cultural education, and volunteering programmes. Conducting business in a responsible way, we create common value for the company and its environment. It has been confirmed by our presence in the Respect Index – index of companies with the highest CSR standards.


Banking for all, non-banking digital functionalities, ethical sales


Employee satisfaction, education and development, respect for diversity


Employee volunteering, financial education, promotion of culture

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Quality and innovations
are our passion

Looking for the best solutions and overcoming barriers is our bread and butter. Digitalisation is not only gadgets and migration to electronic service channels, but also innovative thinking covering all the bank’s processes and structures. For clients, innovations mean higher comfort and product availability, and consequently the best customer service.

Highest quality
of service
Innovative banking
Supporting innovation
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2018-2020 STRATEGY

Further digitalisation, client-centricity and behavioural personalisation

Assuming stable regulatory, legal and tax system, in 2020 we intend to reach 1 bn net profit. The heart of our new strategy is use of the strengths of our organisation and five pillars of growth.

Client-centricity, i.e.
mass-scale personalisation
Further digitalisation
Growing efficiency
Utilisation of up-coming
regulatory changes
Accelerated growth
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