Employment and costs of personnel

Effective HR management is an important part of the strategy of Bank Millennium Group. The Group monitors both individual personnel cost items as well as the headcount, for some years now following a policy of stable employment costs and headcount. Staff churn is monitored and reported on an ongoing basis, with people leaving the Bank being interviewed – exit interviews. The employment level and effectiveness of use of resources are verified against appropriate market benchmarks.

Employment in the Group

(in full FTEs)

31.12.2016 31.12.2015 Change


Bank Millennium 5 497 5 575 -78
 – including managerial functions 130 136 -6
Subsidiaries 347 336 11
Total Bank Millennium Group 5 844 5 911 -67

Employment in Bank Millennium Group as of end of 2016 was 5,844 FTEs, which means a decrease as compared with end of 2015 by 67 FTEs (i.e. 1%). The Group’s biggest employer is Bank Millennium, with an end of 2016 headcount of 5,520, which corresponds to 5,497 FTEs. Subsidiaries in Bank Millennium Group as of end of the year were employing the total of 347 persons-FTEs, with three companies among them having the biggest importance Millennium Leasing, Millennium Dom Maklerski and Millennium TFI.

Employment in the Bank

(in full FTEs)

31.12.2016 31.12.2015 Change
Branches and Direct Sales 3 577 3 707 -130
Head Office 1 920 1 868 52
Total Bank Millennium 5 497 5 575 -78

The structure of employment of Bank Millennium shows a definite majority of people employed directly in sales of banking products and services, above all in 369 outlets of the Bank located all over Poland.

Bank significantly increased employment in the area of digital technologies.


(in FTEs)

31.12.2016 31.12.2015 Change


Direct Banking 463 418 45
Digital Technologies 377 323 54
Retail and Corporate Banking 3 249 3 423 -174
Support Units 1 409 1 411 -3
Total Bank Millennium 5 497 5 575 -78

Bank Millennium Group remuneration policy aims to ensure adequacy of remuneration of employees given their current tasks, competencies and scope of responsibility. In particular much attention is attached to proper shaping of base salaries. Remuneration levels are verified with consideration of periodic evaluation of work results as well as possible evolution of the level of skills engaged in performance of tasks of the organisation. Moreover salary information presented in financial market remuneration surveys is also analysed.

The total level of personnel costs in Bank Millennium Group in 2016 and in the previous year was as follows:

Personnel costs

(in PLN million)

2016 2015 Change


Bank Millennium 517 507.1 2.0%
Subsidiaries 41.8 39.8 4.8%
Total Bank Millennium Group 558.8 546.9 2.2%
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