Personnel policy

Bank Millennium Group has an HR policy defining general principles involved with recruitment, evaluation, development and retention of employees. Based on this policy and business assumptions the Bank created the Human Resources Management strategy. The strategy regulates all areas of HR management, including employment and remuneration.

HR Policy and the HR Management Strategy, which is based on it, supports business needs of Bank Millennium Group. Activity is conducted in particular in the following areas:

Further service quality improvement by strengthening staff skills. +

2016 saw the launch of “Akademia Mistrzów” (Masters’ Academy) comprehensive retail banking employees’ competencies development programme. Its aim is further improvement of the quality of services offered to customers of Bank Millennium Group. It comprises a number of workshops concerning quality of service and understanding customers’ needs. The programme’s unique value is that it engages experienced employees in imparting their knowledge to less experienced colleagues.

The same assumptions underlie Corporate Banking programmes of certification of competencies of Relationship Managers and Consultants.

Bank Millennium Group recognises and rewards employee attitudes, which lead to improvement of work quality as well as optimisation of processes, effectiveness and taking up professional challenges. In 2016 the “Impakt” employee awards programme was continued where Group employees themselves nominate candidates for the awards.

Support of development of digital technologies by acquiring employees with specialised skills. +

Bank Millennium Group relies in its development on IT. These technologies are used in building customer service systems for branches and in electronic and mobile banking. In 2016 Bank Millennium Group increased employment in the area of digital technologies by 17%, while the headcount in the entire Group fell 1% approximately. Talent acquisition is being done not only by means of regular recruitment activities but also through expert programmes and cooperation with student organisations.

Leadership development +

Innovations and high quality require good leadership. In 2015 the M#leaders leadership skills development programme was set up, with its subsequent editions being launched in 2016. The programme is based on such values as personal development, trust, honesty, commitment to building real relationships as well as development of associates. By taking part in the workshops the managers have an opportunity not only to study leadership theory but above all to share experience with other participants and implement the developed solutions in practice.

Building a friendly workplace +

In 2016 an employee satisfaction survey was carried out in Bank Millennium Group. The survey demonstrated both increase of satisfaction as well as motivation of the employees as compared with the survey from the previous period, with the level of motivation reaching the highest ratio in the survey’s history.

Bank Millennium Group supports physical development and sports activities of the employees. In 2016 Bank Millennium co-financed participation of employees in sports events including “Color Run”, “Runmagedon”, “Bieg Firmowy” (Company Run), while in Head Office “Tydzień dla Zdrowia” (Health Week) was organised. A large part of the employees also use subscription cards for sports activities.

As in previous years a number of activities were implemented to support rest and recreation of employees-parents and their children in the “Rodzice na tak” (Parents Say Yes) programme.

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