Digital transformation

For some years now the financial sector as a whole and Bank Millennium in particular has been absorbing new technologies and changing in response to new customers’ expectations. This transformation has affected our company and the sector as a whole not only on the structural or strategic level, but indeed on all levels of activity, tasks and processes. Mobile technologies are playing a particular role in this respect.

Digitisation is inscribed in the Bank’s strategy, which dwells in transformation of digital channels into powerful platforms engaging customers, omnichannel, mobile payments as well as maximising the value of customer relationships thanks to using advanced business analyctics.

For Bank Millennium digitisation means changes in three areas:

  • First of all this is about changing the business model and improving processes
  • Secondly this is about how we use digital tools to accumulate and process knowledge about customers
  • Thirdly it provides customers with tools to communicate with the Bank, which offer them new opportunities and unique experiences

Digitisation is inscribed in the Bank’s strategy.

In the Bank’s opinion the additional value of digitisation is that it connects various technologies for the purpose of transforming the value chain – from customer acquisition to provision of services and creating greater value for customers by means of such product features and technologies, which better respond to their needs. The omnichannel customer service model introduced by the Bank refers exactly to this approach. Integrating channels allows continuity to be offered to customers in every step, irrespective of the method of contact used: the internet, by phone or direct contact with a branch. Omnichannel  enables sending of information about applications and contacts of the customer with the Bank in real time, irrespective of the channel.

The Bank’s competitive advantage is the way, in which it makes use of technologies, continuously introducing innovative solutions for customers and at the same time enabling the Bank to attain operational efficiency and to be better prepared for ever faster changes.

The Bank is developing its Millenet platform, introducing attractive internet and mobile offers. It has reached the skill of offering products and services and advising customers in a way, which gives new unique value. The Bank has recently expanded its offering to include new non-banking services: insurance, ticketing, parking fees, aggregated finances management etc. In reference to strategy its places customer experience excellence on the top of the list.

The process integrates advanced analytics but also makes use of our technological prowess and business capabilities of surveying new ways and testing new business models, which can generate new revenue streams and support banking operation.

The Bank is investing in its real-time intelligent data platform, with open banking, high level of security, artificial intelligence and outstanding customer experience. Together with customers Bank is constantly preparing for the future and we are now preparing it for the next future.

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