Promotion of culture

For more than 25 years cultural activity has been an important part of Bank Millennium’s social activities. They are planned based on medium-term action plans and the following assumptions:

  •  support is extended not to institutions but to specific programs executed by them,
  •  cooperation in long-term programs with clearly defined goals is preferred,
  • supported programs should have broad public audience and be available also through the media,
  • major partners in pursuing cultural programs should be first of all cultural institutions, non-governmental institutions and the media.

Millennium Docs Against Gravity

Millennium Docs Against Gravity was the major cultural project endorsed by Bank Millennium in 2016.  Bank Millennium has been a patron of the largest, documentary film global festival in Poland and accompanying events (workshops, discussions and concerts) since 2006. In 2016, the Bank was the titular sponsor of the event, thereby contributing to enhancing its recognition as a festival partner. Showings and festival events were held in 25 cities in Poland. Numerous discussions accompany this festival. Personalities from the world of culture, politics and academic circles take part in them.

The campaign promoting the event was executed with the use of many media, including posters in all Bank branches, copy in traditional and social media, contests with awards in the form of more than 1,000 tickets to the cinema for clients and employees. For more than a decade the Bank has also funded the festival’s main prize. Millennium Docs Against Gravity is in our communications for the entire year – through organizing special film showings in cinemas, distributing films on DVDs among the Bank’s partners and as inserts in the national press, communicating in traditional and social media and promoting festival films debuting on cinema screens. In 2016, 45 thousand viewers visited the festival.

Other cultural events supported by Bank Millennium:

Sacrum Profanum +

Sacrum Profanum – one of the most interesting music festivals of the modern Europe. The festival has won numerous awards and distinctions and was entered in the official calendar of the Polish Presidency in the Council of the European Union; it is also recommended by prestigious music magazines. Every year, more than 160 journalists from Poland and abroad report on the festival events. The Bank has been the festival’s patron since 2012.

Gdański Music Festival +

Gdańsk Music Festival – since 2013, the Bank has been the patron of this festival presenting outstanding performances of the classical music.The festival has an open formula and each of its editions are impacted by the personality and charisma of the Artist in Residence, a person appointed to set the artistic level of the festival.

Sandro Miller photography exhibition +

Bank Millennium is a partner of the Sandro Miller photography exhibition entitled Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: homage to photography masters, which was held at the Leica 6X7 Gallery in Warsaw.The exhibition was inspired by the most outstanding portrait photographs of the 20th century. They were arranged again by Sandro Miller, an American photographer seeking inspiration in the history of photography. The light, the frame, stylization and emotion mirror the outstanding original work, but the model in all the roles is John Malkovich, a famous American actor. In this project, he “played” the role of, among others: Che Guevara, Einstein, Hemingway, Lennon and even Marylin Monroe.

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