Sharing economic knowledge

In 2016 Bank Millennium was a partner in important business-related events:

European Economic Congress

An international forum devoted to the new directions of thought concerning Europe’s economic future. It attracted nearly 8 thousand guests from European countries as well as from Asia and Africa. Polish government representatives also participated in the congress.

Nearly 700 speakers took part in more than 120 debates held over the course of two days.
Bank Millennium Management Board members and experts also spoke at this event. Discussions were reported live on Twitter and Bank representatives gave interviews to national and expert media.

Forbes’ Diamonds

the Bank served as a partner to this ranking that rewards the fastest growing companies. The distinguished companies were split into three categories measured by sales revenues. More than 1.9 thousand businesses received awards.

The meetings taking place during Forbes’ Diamonds formed an opportunity to learn about businesses from a given region, exchange information and establish business relations. Bank Millennium’s Chief Economist also took part. He spoke of the opportunities and challenges which companies currently face.

Family Company Congress

Bank Millennium was the strategic partner of this congress organized by the Family Business Institute. This event was held under the slogan Between Tradition and Innovation. It attracted 350 attendees. Debates and workshops on innovation, finance, law and management took place in conjunction with this event addressed to the representatives of family-run companies. Management Board members and experts from Bank Millennium spoke at this congress on technological development and the forms of funding available to family-run companies.

Business forum on Portuguese-speaking nations

The Poland-Portugal-Angola-Brazil-Mozambique Forum was addressed to Polish businesses interested in investments or commercial trade with these Portuguese-speaking markets. The event’s major objective was to portray these markets and the opportunities for business cooperation in these countries.

During the Forum, a publication of the Polish and Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) was presented under the following title: Business activity in Portuguese-speaking countries. Portugal – Angola – Brazil- Mozambique – a Polish-language compendium in which one may find the basic highlights about doing business in these countries. Bank Millennium was a partner in publishing this publication.

This event organized by the Polish and Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) with the support of the Embassy of Portugal, Brazil and Angola in Warsaw and the Embassy of Mozambique in Berlin enjoyed the Honorable Patronage of Poland’s Ministry of Development, the National Chamber of Commerce (KIG) and the Polish Agency for Investment and Foreign Investment.

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