Recruitment policy

In selecting employees, no criteria associated with age, race, color, gender, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation and health condition are considered. These rules also apply to the termination of employment, terms of employment, promotions and access to training to raise professional qualification.

Candidates are selected based on objective criteria, such as education, professional experience, general and specific competence, proficiency in foreign languages and overall match with the profile. The decisions to hire a candidate are not taken individually, which increases objectivity of the recruitment process.

Communication of job offers

The process of communicating job offers is transparent. Job announcements are published on the Bank’s website and Internet portals and they are accessible to all those interested in working for the Bank. The bulk of recruitment processes is related to the development of the sales network. The Bank offers employment opportunities also to those who have little professional experience, by encouraging them to take part in programmes and internships addressed to university students and graduates. In 2016, over 53 thousand people expressed their willingness to start working for the Bank.

Internal recruitment

Recruitment offers for jobs in support departments are first directed to the current Bank Group employees who wish to grow in other areas. The offers are published on an Intranet site named Internal Job Exchange.


from internal recruitment

Internal recruitment 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Number and % of employees recruited internally 112 (1.9%) 98 (1.6%) 72 (1.2%) 121 (2%) 267(4.4%)

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